Laura Geller Beauty off the Vine- TSV

Time is against me this morning as I rush to photograph and swatch these items for you. I had recorded also a full tutorial, but the camera decided it didn't have enough memory- so I will record it again tomorrow!

This kit is wine themed, rich in anti-aging ingredients with the main one being reservetrol. The pigmentation is smooth and rich in both pressed items, the lipstick is a bold wine shade and the foundation has a nice medium coverage that glides easily over the pores with no settling.

For anyone interested, I am medium in the foundation.

Here are the swatches:


Five full size pieces

Blush in Bouquet

Shadow duo in Fine Wines

Lipstick in Rosato

L to R: Fine wines duo, Bouquet, Rosato

My full face using all five products, added LG Charcoal eyeliner, Loreal mascara, Tarte brow mousse, LG baked Vanilla highlighter

I found this kit very easy to use, and very appropriate for the season! I am so glad someone finally did a deep lip in a kit instead of the usual peach.
Two thumbs up from me!!!
Item # A232750 for AD

AD#A232750.Receive this item now,then receive a new collection with different seasonal shades in April & August '13. 3 total shipments. Cancel anytime. Choose: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Rich, Medium Deep or Deep. Rec:(1) 2 oz Spackle Supercharged;(1)1 fl oz Take Cover SPF 20 Foundation;(1).23 ozBaked ImPRESSIONS Blush-Bouquet(deep earthy pink);(1) .106 oz Baked ImPRESSIONS Eyeshadow Duo-Fine Wines (warm rose pink, earthy cocoa-currant);(1) .14 oz Color Enriched Anti -Aging Lipstick-Rosato(creamy plum rose);(1)Charm. USA/Italy/China

Will air on QVC Dec 28, 2012

I forgot to also add that the kit came with a cute little lip charm. I will add a photo after work.
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