Switching Gears

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and made some great new memories with your loved ones!

I have been in a slump this past month. If you follow me regularly, you might have noticed the lack of posts this month.

There are two reasons for the slump:

1. I just feel fat! I have gained about ten pounds, making none of my clothes fit. I feel ugly and unattractive. It's that simple. No excuses.

2. My skin is reacting very bad and no matter the product I try, it doesn't help. I will blame the Accutane I used last year on this. It's as if no oil will come through my pores and they instead just get blocked. I am having constant, consistent breakouts. This, too, makes me just feel ugly and unattractive.

This slump I am in has left me with zero motivation to blog, make videos, or even put any makeup on.

I now realize there is only one solution. I have to change my lifestyle! I hinted to this in my last post about getting healthy and lean in 2013. I have got to change my lifestyle!

Beauti-Ville will be switching gears this coming year! I will still be posting and recording beauty related topics, but I want to put more emphasis on lifestyle choices, eating healthy, and exercise. I have learned through research that a lot of grains and dairy are allergens and can aggravate acne, so they will be eliminated from my diet and substituted with a more Paleo approach to diet. I am eliminated processed foods and sugar as well.

My goal is to not only lose the extra pounds, but to eliminate the toxins in my body and help my skin as well. The only way I can do this is to make a plan and a schedule to keep myself on track. I plan to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I also plan to keep a daily food journal. I will be posting about my progress regularly and hope that many of you will join me on this journey.

I hope to incorporate some healthy and quick recipes on the blog, and would also love recipes from all of you!

To join me on this journey, comment here on the posts, or come join my Facebook group and let's help each other!

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