I am taking the challenge to lose weight!!!


I have four weeks to drop a size and wear the dress I want to wear to the Airman's Ball on March 16th. Since I had success with ViSalus last time I tried it, I have decided it is the way to go this time when I only have 4 weeks to lose in.

For those who are skeptical or scared, ViSalus is not something you HAVE to commit to for more than a month at a time. The 90 day challenge is for your benefit, to get the most out of the program. You have the choice to stay on 90 days or to opt out after a month.

The shakes taste like cake batter and can be mixed simply with milk or juice if you choose. The thing I love that keeps boredom away, is that there are hundreds of recipes for unique shake combinations if you wish to use them. There are also food recipes to incorporate the shake mix and make healthier food. If you do not need to lose weight, the shake mix is full of nutrition and can be enjoyed as a nutritional drink.

Right now, the company has a promotion to give away 10 thousand dollar checks weekly to those who lose ten pounds or more!!

When you join, there are numerous support groups and forums for you to join and find motivation and strength to make it through your 90 day challenge.

If you have some extra pounds, what better time than to start now? You have nothing to lose!!!

The Cost you say?

ViSalus replaces two meals a day and you get a thirty day supply for as little as $99! I can't eat dinner for ten days for under $99!!!

I ask you, for your health and vanity sake, to join the challenge with me. Let's support each other on this journey.

Feel free to friend me on Facebook and ask any questions you may have.- https://www.facebook.com/mistycook79?ref=tn_tnmn

Click HERE to start now!!! http://mistyewing.bodybyvi.com/

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