Chanel Kaska Beige/ Raffinement Comparison

Chanel has a habit of discontinuing beloved items that addicts like me will seek and find and pay much more than they are worth just to have them in our collection. Such is the case with Chanel's discontinued Kaska Beige quad.

There are two quads I really wanted that are no longer available- Kaska Beige and Winter Nights.

I was able to find Kaska Beige on Makeup Alley...yay!!!

For those who are not as lucky at finding this quad, I was told that Raffinement is it's "replacement." I thought I would compare the two for you, so you can see for yourself if Kaska Beige is worth the hunt.


Kaska Beige

Top Row- Kaska Beige
Bottom Row- Raffinement

The palettes, though both neutral and quite brown, are quite different from one another.

Kaska Beige is much warmer with a pale gold highlight shade and the warm golden brown shimmer shade. The two darker browns are more neutral and dupable, but the warm golden brown is the star of this palette.

Raffinement is a neutral palette leaning cool. The highlight shade in this palette is a cooler tone and actually swatches quite pink on my skin. What I like about this palette is that the two mid tone shades are very wearable on their own and would flatter a multitude of complexions and the darkest shade is just dark enough to smoke out a look or line the eye.

Warmer complexions might prefer Kaska Beige. I actually prefer the highlight shade in KB over the one in Raffinement. But, Raffinement is the more universally flattering of the two as a whole.

Overall, I do think Kaska Beige is a nice palette and I am very glad to have it, but I don't think it is worth paying an arm and a leg for. Mac Woodwinked is a similar golden brown as the shade in KB. Combine that with the Raffinement palette and KB isn't really necessary.

What discontinued item do you wish would come back?

I am still on the hunt for Winter Nights....

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