Mary Kay cosmetics review and tutorial

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some Mary Kay products from a friend in the Beauty Community whom is also a Mary Kay representative. She asked me if I would like to try anything and do an honest review. I had not used anything from MK (except the mascara) in nearly ten years, so of course I said I'd love to try them.

First impressions- the colors were lovely but looked very dark. Let me preface this by saying I let her choose a look for me. Here is what I received:

Custom compact
Three mineral shadows
One blush
One lipstick
One eye liner
One mascara
Cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator samples

The custom compact has come a long way since I last used MK and it was an over sized pink case. This one is chic and purse friendly.

The shadows and blush come packaged in these little plastic cases to protect them.

Honey Spice, Sweet Plum, Truffle

Dark Cherry blended out above and swatched normally below
I had no expectations when trying these powder products out. I have never disliked Mary Kay and always found the quality to be great, so I expected they would at least be decent. Man, are these pigmented! The shadows, though all contained shimmer, were extremely pigmented. The only one that gave a little resistance was the Truffle, but it was still workable. The blush as you can tell from a regular swipe of it, is insane! It is easy to over-do this shade. You must use a very light touch!

The lipstick shade is extremely misleading. This is far from fuschia (which would have been a perfect name for it) and more of a deep berry. The formula itself was decent. I wouldn't say it was better or worse than any other lipstick I own.

The shade is quite lovely and applies more sheer and gives a more stained lip effect.

The small wand of the mascara is what makes the formula so great. It grabs and lifts every lash while the formula holds them there all day. I am a huge fan!

The liner is a matte black and works very well on the water line with zero irritation to my sensitive eyes.

Close up of eyes. Notice the almost doll eye effect of the mascara. It did not budge all day!


Over-all thoughts:

The products as a collective were great. There was nothing bad in the bunch. If I had to suggest my favorites, I would definitely tell you to pick up a couple shadows and the mascara. The eye make-up remover MK makes is also one of the best I have ever used. I would like to try other shades of the blush to see if they are all so insanely pigmented. This one could last forever with as little as can be used at a time. I would say this collection is much more suited for fall, but, beautiful nonetheless. It is definitely great for green eyed girls like myself!

The price on these products are very reasonable and in some cases better than some of the leading products on the market. The shadows are $6.50 for .06oz. A Mac Pro shadow pan is $12 for .05 oz, so more money for less product than these shadows. The blush is $10 for .18oz.  If you compare the blush to a Tarte blush, which is very popular at $26 for .20 oz, you get almost the same amount of product for nearly a third of the price! The lipstick is $15, mascara is $15, eyeliner is $12 and the compact is $16.

If you are wanting to try any of these products for yourself, my friend Donica would be happy to assist you and give you more information.

And thank you Donica for valuing my opinion and sending me these products!

***Update*** Donica informed me that these products are all from the Winter catalog (this selection was the "special celebration" look)  and that the Spring catalog will be releasing in a couple of days. The black custom compact is limited edition but is still available for purchase.

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