This is a Miss- Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

It's not often I find myself able to spend $30 plus on a lip product. When I do, you better believe I have researched and read reviews before doing so, because I hate to send anything back or to return products. I have ranted of this before.

You can imagine my disappointment now, because this product is indeed going back. :(

Let's start with the details:

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in the shade Phoenix.

The packaging is a plastic black square shaped tube. I don't care for the packaging, the fact that it shows fingerprints, the fact that the product can't be seen through the package. and that the name of the shade is not printed on the tube, only a number.

The shade itself is lovely. It is a medium pink with a subtle shimmer that appears as more of a warm coral tinged pink on the lips. I loved how it applied, and how it looked on the lips.

The product itself seemed great at first. It lasted a good four or five hours without having to re-apply. I only did so after eating lunch.

My problem is how my lips felt at the end of the day after wearing the product all day. My lips were terribly sore and felt raw and chapped even though they did not look dry or chapped. Even now, nearly a whole day after wearing this product, my lips are still raw and sore. I have been applying balms liberally since last night and my lips still feel quite uncomfortable.

I may have a sensitivity to an ingredient in this lacquer causing this irritability, and it may work great for you. But, I am not going to be trying it again based on how my lips have reacted to it.

I purchased this from Nordstrom for $32.

I would say if you want a long wearing, full coverage gloss, this may be what you are looking for. Just beware of any sensitivity it may cause.

Unfortunately, as much as I hate to, and as much as I hate being that girl, I must send it back. I can't justify that much money on a product I can't use. I will stick with my Rouge Coco Shines, which I love!

Sorry, Chanel!! You are still my favorite!!!

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