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April Favorites


Collage- A Whole Lot Of Me

As I was going through and editing photos today, I realized how many I have on my computer that I took and never thought they were good enough, or forgot what I wore, or just plain forgot about, that never got posted. I thought it would be fun to post a collage of them all. So, Here you go!

Curves- Week One Check-in

I officially completed my first week on the Curves Compete program on Saturday. Here are my thoughts on the program, the workout and the first week.

The diet- Dairy city! I try to avoid certain foods, dairy being one along with gluten, artificial sugars and deep fried anything. I do this because I have learned that they react badly to my body and cause unwanted gas, skin irritation and bloating. (The Virgin Diet is a very good book talking about food intolerance.) This diet includes dairy in nearly every meal. The first week is 1200 calorie days consisting of three meals and two snacks. The meals are high in protein. I had a problem with this because I didn't get enough fiber and couldn't go to the bathroom all week. Yikes! I am going to alter my diet this week to include more fiber and see if that helps. Week two will be 1500 calorie days.

The exercise- Along with walking 10,000 steps a day, you are supposed to work out on the Curves circuit four times a day. I somehow pulled…

Let the Self-Tanning Begin!

I have Spring Fever!

Since the first inkling of warm weather, I have been dying to lay in the sunlight and absorb it's beautiful warmth.

But, it is freaking cold here in Kentucky!

What's a girl to do? Self Tan!

I have become addicted to applying self tanner at night before bed. And I don't just apply one kind. I alternate. It started when I ordered some exfoliating gel and self-tanner. They were pretty crappy, but it got me hooked into wanting more. So, I dug through my collection and found these three that I had tried and been happy with.

Top three self tanners

My first favorite one is by Dr. Denese. We have all seen some type of self tanning glove. Many brands sell them. What I like about the Dr. Denese ones is that they also have peptides, which are anti-aging. They are not a dark tan. With these gloves you get a nice golden tan. I started with one of these and now I use them as an extender and to even out the tan I get from the next two products. This one smells slight…

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze- Ritual- Review

Laura Mercier is one of my top five favorite makeup brands of all time. I love the quality of each and every product in the line.

When I saw Vanessa (thebombshellsuite) post a picture of this product on Instagram stating it was a must have, I knew I had to have it! I usually like everything that she likes. This was no exception!

The packaging is the signature brown plastic packaging that all of Laura Mercier's products come in. It shows fingerprints very easily, which is no problem in my makeup drawer, but sucks in photo's.

There is a large mirror inside the compact, but those also do not photograph well. We all know what a mirror looks like :).

The powder is 9.5 g or .34 oz for $36 and is part of the new Folklore collection on LauraMercier's website.

The product is a mix of matte tan and metallic bronze and rose and swirls of pearlescent pink. Mixed together you get a beautiful bronzey tan glow. I love that this product applies on the shearer side and can be built upon t…

QVC- May Insider Preview

Perricone MD Dramatic Results System for Face & Eyes
Perricone MD Dramatic Results Neuropeptide Face and Eye Duo combines QVC Customer Choice Award Winner for Best Anti-Aging Treatment, Neuropeptide Facial Cream with Neuropeptide Eye Therapy featuring new Neuro-oligopeptide Complex. A 6-month supply, this face and eye treatment regimen delivers the appearance of increased elasticity while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Receive (1) 2.5 fl. oz. Neuropeptide Facial Cream and (1) 1 fl. oz. Neuropeptide Eye Therapy. Made in the USA

Laura Geller 5-piece Superstar Collection
Laura Geller's Signature Superstars is a supersized collection of all- stars from Laura's signature arsenal -a skin-perfecting face primer, a bronzer that color-corrects while delivering natural radiance,and a Baked highlighter duo in a shade combo that will light up your looks! Rec:(1)each of:Spackle Supersized Under Make-up Primer 4 oz.; Bronze-n -Brighten Supersized…

L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL Summer 2013 Collection


I already have this huge crush on all things Chanel, and then they come out with a collection full of color! I am dying!!!

I love that this is something new for Chanel. The collection is bold and bright and blue.

I also love the butterfly inspiration.

Check out the video on Chanel's page HERE and look at the sparkle on the model's eyes. It is so beautiful.

On to what this collection actually contains:

Three Limited Edition polish shades-  Bel-Argus, Azure, Lilis

Three Limited Edition Levres Scintillantes- Eden, Zephyr, Envolee
Two Limited Edition Rouge Coco Shine- Pygmallion, Idylle

Stylo Yeux Waterproof- True Blue

Inimitable Waterproof- Blue Note, Black, Aqua Blue, Limelight, Zest

Stylo Eyeshadow- Moon River, Cool Gold, Pink Lagoon, Jade Shore, Blue Bay, Black Stream

Les 4 Ombres- Metamorphose (Online Only)

My wishlist for this collection is extensive, since I want everything! I have searched online for swatches but none have been found yet. I could easily pass u…

It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush- Matte Sweet Apple- Review

It Cosmetics is one of my new favorite brands, simply because they have no-brainer products that work. Because of the science behind them, I don't have to think about whether I am going to break our or have sensitivity to a product. I can just use it and not think. The company spends years on each product before they even think about releasing it, to ensure they work for everyone!

Let me introduce you to my newest love from the brand:

Vitality Cheek Flush- Matte Sweet Apple

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this baby and I am so happy I did.
This matte raspberry toned cheek stain, is Snow White's cheeks in pan form. It is a perfect raspberry flush. The formula is matte, but a modern matte. It is not flat or dry like a matte traditionally is. It is a more well-rounded version that melts into the skin and looks natural, as in skin like. Never flat, powdery, dusty, chalky or boring. This formula is probably the longest lasting blush I have ever used. The color does not wear …