Curves- Week One Check-in

I officially completed my first week on the Curves Compete program on Saturday. Here are my thoughts on the program, the workout and the first week.

The diet- Dairy city! I try to avoid certain foods, dairy being one along with gluten, artificial sugars and deep fried anything. I do this because I have learned that they react badly to my body and cause unwanted gas, skin irritation and bloating. (The Virgin Diet is a very good book talking about food intolerance.) This diet includes dairy in nearly every meal. The first week is 1200 calorie days consisting of three meals and two snacks. The meals are high in protein. I had a problem with this because I didn't get enough fiber and couldn't go to the bathroom all week. Yikes! I am going to alter my diet this week to include more fiber and see if that helps. Week two will be 1500 calorie days.

The exercise- Along with walking 10,000 steps a day, you are supposed to work out on the Curves circuit four times a day. I somehow pulled a muscle in my neck this week and found my workouts very uncomfortable and took the fourth one off the relax this weekend and hopefully be healed by tomorrow to get back in the game. The circuit is very low resistance. I find it really feels like I am doing nothing, but the fact that I am going, and creating a routine is worth it. I feel like I am getting more of an aerobic workout that really working any muscles. It is much more suited for someone very overweight and out of shape. I am hoping to use these three months as baby steps to prepare me for the gym.

I felt I did well this first week. I would have liked to have lost more weight, but 1.6 pounds is a start. I did break down and eat dessert yesterday and a small gluten free pizza from Dominos. I will just work harder this week :).

Is anyone else having success in weight-loss or dieting? Please share your tips.

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