I joined Curves!!!

I took the plunge today and joined Curves. Actually, I joined Curves complete which includes the nutrition program and a weekly counselling session for $65 a month. Tomorrow will be my first workout. I will have my first counselling session on April 27th after my first official week which starts on Monday.

If anyone is as gym shy as me, I suggest giving Curves a shot. It is not as scary as I thought it would be and the women who work there are just like me. I hope to not only accomplish my fitness goals, but to make some friends as well to keep me motivated.

I will be posting weekly after my Saturday sessions to give you an update.

For now, here are my actual stats as of this afternoon to keep me honest:

Weight- 172.80
Height- 5'11"
Body Fat- 32.5%
Arms- 11.50
Bust- 39
Waist- 33
Abdomen- 38
Hips- 42.5
Thighs- 24

My goal right now is to lose 20 pounds and be down to a loose size 8. I am hoping to do this in three months. I was told it is very doable.

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