Let the Self-Tanning Begin!

I have Spring Fever!

Since the first inkling of warm weather, I have been dying to lay in the sunlight and absorb it's beautiful warmth.

But, it is freaking cold here in Kentucky!

What's a girl to do? Self Tan!

I have become addicted to applying self tanner at night before bed. And I don't just apply one kind. I alternate. It started when I ordered some exfoliating gel and self-tanner. They were pretty crappy, but it got me hooked into wanting more. So, I dug through my collection and found these three that I had tried and been happy with.

Top three self tanners

My first favorite one is by Dr. Denese. We have all seen some type of self tanning glove. Many brands sell them. What I like about the Dr. Denese ones is that they also have peptides, which are anti-aging. They are not a dark tan. With these gloves you get a nice golden tan. I started with one of these and now I use them as an extender and to even out the tan I get from the next two products. This one smells slightly like lotion, but not horrible. This one takes the longest to dry and I often find it still tacky in the morning when I awake, so I would not use this during the day or wear nice clothes with it on.

My second favorite is the St. Tropez mousse. It comes with a mitt. I lost mine so I use the brush I got with the next product. This mousse melts into the skin and dries instantly. Within minutes I can get dressed and have zero transfer. I don't notice a strong smell with this one. I get a nice bronze tan but it does not get any darker than med/tan on me. They now have a darker version available.

My third favorite is my Bare Escentuals Faux Tan. This one came with a brush that I use to apply. I also use a latex glove and it works just as good. This one gives me the darkest color of the three and it has a delicious almond scent. This tanner applies like a lotion and gives me the most hydration of the three. It needs a good twenty minutes to set and dry before getting dressed. I get a nice olive bronze tan with this one and it is my favorite color on me of the three.

I find with layering these, I get the benefits of each one. The St. Tropez alone can be a bit drying on my skin. The Dr. Denese alone is not dark enough, but I love it best on my face and neck. The Faux Tan is really a stand alone product, but I get bored of using one thing for too long.

My arm now after tanning for a week.

I do have some advice for using these. Always wear latex gloves under the tanning glove or St. Tropez mitt or you will have brown hands when you take them off. Make sure all your joints are exfoliated and our feet and apply some moisturizer to them before applying the self tanner to keep them from grabbing the color. I always do my face, neck and hands last so that they get the least amount of product. Once you start tanning you want to stick to a routine. Once the color starts fading it will look blotchy. Re-applying every four to five days should be enough to keep it from fading and to keep the desired look. Harsh abrasives, bleach, alcohol, nail polish remover, etc, will streak your tan. Keep those away from the skin as best you can.

I hope this post was helpful in some way. Let me know what your favorite tanners are in the comments below.

All of these can be purchased at QVC at the link below.
Get a gorgeous, summer glow with quick & easy sunless tanners!

*All were purchased by me. Not sponsored.

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