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Laura Geller Balance n Brighten- Rediscovered!

I have recently fallen back in love with my Balance n Brighten, or BnB as I like to call it. I have used this foundation off and on for years and years. I really don't like to put any liquids on my face when I am having breakouts because they tend to aggravate them more and I want them to heal. BnB helps my skin and doesn't cause me further reaction. It also covers!

Left side naked, right side BnB. If you look closely, you can see that my skin tone is more even and my pores more blurred on the right side with the BnB. It also adds some warmth to my skin. I use the regular or medium shade.
After. No concealer except for under my eyes. I do have some Bronze n Brighten as my contour/blush and some Baked Vanilla highlighter on.
Another angle.
Finished face. I am rocking a french braid today and a simple makeup since I have my first boot camp tonight after work. My face only has Laura Geller baked on it and some Bare Minerals Stroke of Light under my eyes. It Cosmetics brow …

Quick FOTD- Breakfast Shake- Life- Update

I am really struggling with breakouts right now. Could be stress related or hormonal. I am trying to get my house finished in the next two weeks before my boys arrive with their dad. I have spent the last couple days painting the trim in the downstairs, painting the laundry room and planting my garden. I still have more painting and planting to do!

Today, my goal was to cover my imperfections as much as possible and distract from them with some color.

I always revert back to my Bare Minerals loose foundation when I have breakouts. I just don't want to put junk on my skin when it is already upset. I put two layers of golden medium loose on, then topped it with a layer of Ready medium beige and golden tan mixed.

I then filled in my brows with my Anastasia Bold Brows kit.

I put a wash of baby pink on my lids and applied Urban Decay Junkie eyeliner and smudged it with a tiny brush to wing it out.

I then applied mascara.

I used Laura Geller Pink Grapefruit blush n brighten on my cheek…

Health Product Haul- Lucky Vitamin and Swanson

I was recently on the search for some good multi-vitamins when I came across the website I had heard my sister talk about them before on her YouTube channel, but had never really checked it out. Once I started browsing the site, I ended up finding several great items and really good prices.

Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi-Vitamin- these had amazing reviews and beneficial ingredients. I am very intrigued and can't wait to start using them. MagO7 is supposed to help cleanse the system gently and was in a book my sister read and she recommended I try them. Digestive Enzymes- These were another recommendation from my sister to help my digest my food better and have less stomach problems. I found my first bottle at RiteAid for over $18, so when I saw these for a little over $6, I stocked up. PureGreen Protein powder- I have never tried this brand and wanted to compare to my whey and soy based protein powders. I was also sent a sample of a probiotic pill with my orde…

Shopping My Stash- FOTD

I wanted something a little more fun today since I have been stuck in a naked faced rut!
I started off with my Dr Denese spf30 day cream as my base and used my Chanel cream bronzer to contour and warm up my skin.
I concealed my undereyes and spots with my It Cosmetics BBU concealer and then dusted my t-zone with my It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation.
I filled in my brows first with my Maybelline define a brow pencil and set it with the Anastasia brow powder in the Bold Brows kit.
I wanted a little more glow to my cheeks, so I used Tarte Glisten blush.
I started my eyes with Chanel Emerville cream shadow all over my lid and blended into the crease. I then used the Chanel prelude quad as shadow, extending it out into a more feline shape. The liner on the lower lashline is Urban Decay Electric for that fun glimpse of bright blue and I used some black on the top waterline. I then used Covergirl clump crusher mascara.
I finished my face off by applying Mally Lip Magnifier in blush to…

Shopping My Stash- LOTD

I am really trying hard to limit my purchases this year and to use up what I have. I am actually almost through a face wash! I am having fun shopping my collection and using products I didn't remember having or ever trying.

My selections today: Dr Denese spf 30 day cream Urban Decay palette It cosmetics concealer and powder (also face disk) Revlon pink about town Covergirl clump crusher mascara Bobbi Brown blush brush Maybelline define a brow (not shown)
The two eyeshadow shades I used
The lipstick. I don't think I had ever wore this before today.
Finished Face
My cat had knocked this face disk off my table and broke the bronzer. I mixed it with alcohol and am letting it dry to repair it.

I am back in love with my spf30 day cream. If only I'd remembered to take a before photo today so you could see how much redness it covered! The define a brow pencil is so great. I can't remember why I stopped using it! I am also enjoying this lipstick shade with the blush from the fa…

Super Simple and Healthy Dinner Recipe

I have really turned my diet around lately. I am especially trying to steer clear of gluten, sugar, corn syrup, breads, and other not so good for you ingredients. I really wanted to make some pasta last night, so here is what I came up with.

Quinoa noodles
Organic spaghetti sauce
Grilled chicken cubed (optional since Quinoa has protein already)
One bag grilled vegetables (fresh or frozen)

I used frozen vegetables and chicken, though fresh chicken would be a better choice. I was trying to use up what I have in the freezer. This makes 4 very large servings of only 395 calories each.

The noodles after cooking 6 minutes in boiling water
finished product
This tasted really close to "real" spaghetti and satisfied my craving for pasta. My husband and step-son opted to make their own pasta with regular pasta noodles, so I will be eating this for a couple days.

In other news:

My water heater went out two days ago, so the dishes are still sitting in the sink. It is getti…

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara- Review

I finally put aside my beloved Loreal Black Smoke mascara to try out this mascara from Covergirl to test out for you.

I was attracted to this mascara because of the curved brush. I love how a curved brush can touch all the lashes at once because it hugs the lashline and lifts them all at once.

This brush is flexible because of the rubber head, so there is some room to play.

The bright green tube will prevent it getting lost in your makeup bag!
The brush.
One coat.
Two coats.
Three coats.
Finished face.
Since the premise of this mascara is that it doesn't clump, I wanted to really coat it on to see if it would start clumping.
The first coat went on nice and thin. I had to take my time and shape my lashes how I wanted them and let it dry so that they wouldn't move around during the next coat.
Coat two went on well, no clumping.
Coat three also did not clump but some of my lashes did try to stick together. I found the brush worked well at separating my lashes to prevent the sti…

What I did for Mother's Day and Giveaway

Mother's Day is often a sad day for me since my kids are usually with their dad. (long story)

This Mother's Day my husband woke me with breakfast in bed. I also had a text from my daughter telling me she loved me and Happy Mother's Day. I got out of bed and started dolling myself up for a birthday party and shopping trip with my husband while he went with his mom to church.

I didn't know for sure where the birthday party was- my husband lost the invite. While I was waiting for my friend to text me the address, my husband had invited his mom to come along on our day's journey. We went and ate Thai food while we waited. When we were done, I still had no text back, so we went ahead to the outlet mall.

My husband had bought me this pink Michael Kors purse while he was working in Florida, but when he got it home I realized it wasn't my style, so I was going to exchange it.

Can you believe I also went to the Cosmetic Company Store and I didn't want a single thing…

My new Holy Grail Mascara!

I love to find inexpensive products to replace the high end ones in my collection!

I am finding more and more drugstore products that I love and buying less and less high end cosmetics. This is great for my bank account!

My newest love is the new Loreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H Black Smoke mascara!

This mascara is jet black, has extremely good lifting ability and a smaller wand than the Power Volume Collagen.

no mascara
one coat
two coats

I am far too lazy to ever curl my lashes. This mascara actually lifts and holds the lashes making a lash curler useless. I find when removing it at night, it comes off as little rubber like pieces. It stays on like no other and requires a little oil based remover to get it off. I had no flakes or smudges and my mascara looked just as good ten hours later. I have been reaching for nothing but this mascara since I got it two weeks ago!

The brush head has a slight curve to the middle which I like since I prefer a curved wand. I find this helps with …