Let's Talk About- Constipation!

Pic borrowed from ourlittlesmarties.com

I come from a household where we were free to talk about anything and everything, so it was nothing for a conversation to lead to "poop" at any family function. In fact, we often talk about "poop".

I am one of the many women on the planet who find it very difficult to go "number 2". I eat a lot, and often feel miserable because of it. If I "go" once a week, I am lucky. I eat lots of veggies and fruit, I add fiber to my smoothies, and nothing helps. I am so jealous of those who can "go" daily.

Since starting the Curves Complete plan, my constipation issues have gotten worse. I have been having painful stomach cramps daily and tenderness in my lower abdomen. Needless to say, I have quit the diet plan, though I will stick with the workout.

I am now following my sister's advice and changing my diet. I already feel like I eat healthy. (I just love dessert!) I avoid most grains and glutens, I avoid dairy as much as possible, and I eat loads of fresh foods. I am now going to try some supplements to see how they work. I drink apple cider vinegar daily. I just have to really stick to eating clean, and not give in to fast food or easy food.

I am lucky to LOVE vegetables! I also love fish and chicken and turkey. I avoid red meats. But, I will eat fast food with my family when we are out or we are in a hurry. This is where I fail.

If changing my diet does not work, I am going to end up having to see a physician. I hate going to the doctor and avoid it unless it's an emergency.

Do you struggle with the same issues? What worked for you?

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