My new Holy Grail Mascara!

I love to find inexpensive products to replace the high end ones in my collection!

I am finding more and more drugstore products that I love and buying less and less high end cosmetics. This is great for my bank account!

My newest love is the new Loreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H Black Smoke mascara!

This mascara is jet black, has extremely good lifting ability and a smaller wand than the Power Volume Collagen.

no mascara

one coat

two coats

I am far too lazy to ever curl my lashes. This mascara actually lifts and holds the lashes making a lash curler useless. I find when removing it at night, it comes off as little rubber like pieces. It stays on like no other and requires a little oil based remover to get it off. I had no flakes or smudges and my mascara looked just as good ten hours later. I have been reaching for nothing but this mascara since I got it two weeks ago!

The brush head has a slight curve to the middle which I like since I prefer a curved wand. I find this helps with the lashes curling up and lifting. I advise to be careful not to poke your eyeball with the wand like I did because the little hairs are quite sharp.

I think I paid around $7 for this mascara at Target.

I highly recommend this one!

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