Review- Bronzo Italia Status Rolo Link Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

Bronzo Italia 7-1/4" Status Rolo Link Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

I purchased this beautiful bracelet several weeks ago with the intent on wearing it with my Rose Gold Michael Kors watch. It matches perfectly; however, there is one fault that prevents me from keeping this bracelet.

The packaging

The bracelet is inside the pouch inside the box


I got the 7-1/4 inch

The bracelet next to my Michael Kors watch

The bracelet stacked with my Lisa Hoffman bracelets

I have actually worn this bracelet several times to get a good feel for it. The weight is nice, not too heavy and not too light. It feels well made and shines beautifully on the arm. I have gotten compliments from strangers when I have worn it. Cosmetically, I love the bracelet!

My problem is the magnetic closure. Yes, it makes it easy to put on and remove, but it also made it fall off my wrist at random times. I almost lost it in a toilet when out shopping. I would have been devastated to flush it down the drain! If that were the only time it fell off, I would thing maybe I did something wrong, but it fell off several times.

I paid $90 plus tax and shipping for this item. That may be pocket change to some people, but I cannot afford to flush $100 down the drain!

Needless to say, I must send it back

I also got a necklace from Bronzo Italia and I absolutely love it! You may like this bracelet and it may work for you. It just didn't work for me. Read the reviews on QVC and decide for yourself. Find this item at the link below.

Bronzo Italia 7-1/4" Status Rolo Link Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

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