Super Simple and Healthy Dinner Recipe

I have really turned my diet around lately. I am especially trying to steer clear of gluten, sugar, corn syrup, breads, and other not so good for you ingredients. I really wanted to make some pasta last night, so here is what I came up with.

Quinoa noodles
Organic spaghetti sauce
Grilled chicken cubed (optional since Quinoa has protein already)
One bag grilled vegetables (fresh or frozen)

I used frozen vegetables and chicken, though fresh chicken would be a better choice. I was trying to use up what I have in the freezer. This makes 4 very large servings of only 395 calories each.

The noodles after cooking 6 minutes in boiling water

finished product

This tasted really close to "real" spaghetti and satisfied my craving for pasta. My husband and step-son opted to make their own pasta with regular pasta noodles, so I will be eating this for a couple days.

In other news:

My water heater went out two days ago, so the dishes are still sitting in the sink. It is getting fixed today (hopefully).
I also broke my glasses the same day and had to purchase some really cheap ones yesterday to make do until I can get some nicer ones.
My bedroom is almost finished! I can't wait for all my house construction to be over!

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