What I did for Mother's Day and Giveaway

Mother's Day is often a sad day for me since my kids are usually with their dad. (long story)

This Mother's Day my husband woke me with breakfast in bed. I also had a text from my daughter telling me she loved me and Happy Mother's Day. I got out of bed and started dolling myself up for a birthday party and shopping trip with my husband while he went with his mom to church.

I didn't know for sure where the birthday party was- my husband lost the invite. While I was waiting for my friend to text me the address, my husband had invited his mom to come along on our day's journey. We went and ate Thai food while we waited. When we were done, I still had no text back, so we went ahead to the outlet mall.

My husband had bought me this pink Michael Kors purse while he was working in Florida, but when he got it home I realized it wasn't my style, so I was going to exchange it.

Can you believe I also went to the Cosmetic Company Store and I didn't want a single thing?

Anyway, I did exchange my MK bag for one similar to this one.

I am not really a handbag person, so getting a purse this large was hard for me and it will probably never leave my car. I do feel classy holding it though. My dream bag is a Chanel double flap in black or white.

My mother-in-law bought herself a new black Coach purse, though we offered to buy it for her.

On our way back I was going to still stop by the birthday party, but the road over the bridge was closed making it way our of our way.

I got to talk to my boys while in the car. Then my ex left me a sweet kind of backhanded message on Facebook-
"Today is a day we celebrate the unconditional love and sacrifice a mother freely gives for the child(ren) she birthed. In that light, things rarely work out as first thought or planned, however, if it were not for Misty Ewing I would not have the priviledge of being a daddy. So I want to thank the mother of my children for bringing them into this world and remaining apart of thier lives as much as possible. Things never really work out as originally planned, but I am grateful to God and her for my boys. Without them, I'd not be the man I try to be......."

I cannot wait for my boys to get back here in two weeks! Divorce and sharing custody over 4000 miles apart is very difficult.

Anyway, we got home and were hungry again so we ate some Taco Bell. By then it was bedtime since we both had to work the next morning.

Here is some photos of how I did my hair and makeup and some of the jewelry I wore.

I am growing out bangs, so most of my hair-do's consist of them being pulled back in some way

Horrible mirror shot of dress I got from Target. This is a size 10. I also had a coral blazer from Target that matched the belt that I wore with this. It was cold outside. My shoes were black open toe wedges from last year from Target.

My MK watch and I bracelet I ended up removing and replacing with a silver chain.

QVC Bronzo Italia bracelet I previously reviewed stacked with my HRH ombre bracelet.

QVC Bronzo Italia necklace- review coming

Stainless steel rosetone and silvertone hearts ring. My wedding bands are white gold.

I do have another ring just like this one I purchased just to give away in this blogpost! I believe it is around a size 7.

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*Everything purchased by me!

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