Mini Urban Decay Haul- Moondust Shadows

I couldn't hold off on buying these any longer. It seemed the more I saw them on blogs, the more I wanted them. I couldn't buy all of them at once, so I bought the three shades I wanted most.

The shades I picked are- Space Cowboy, Zodiac, and Diamond Dog.

This is how my package came. I received four free samples along with my purchase.

Sample shadow card

Foundation sample card.

Two deluxe samples- mascara and liner duo along with my purchase.

The packaging is quite shiny and light reflective with an almost mirror finish.

You have to peel the sticker off to open the shadow, which I found annoying, but the shadows were so worth it!

Space Cowboy, Diamond Dog, Zodiac

Space Cowboy- I love this shade! If you can only get one I would suggest this one. It is a champagne with shimmer.

Diamond Dog- Great Neutral! I love this shade as a no brainer, grab and go, shade for any occasion. It is the perfect mix of gray and brown base with shimmer.

Zodiac- The most interesting shade. This shade looks like a mix of brown, green and even blue in some lighting. It also has a gold shimmer that the camera really captured in some photos. Many companies have a shade similar to this one, but none have the amazing shimmer this one has.

Look how great the pigmentation is!

This is one swipe taken at multiple angles. Space Cowboy, Diamond Dog, Zodiac

What is so special about these shadows? The amazing glitter finish! (I find it hard to tell if the glitter is gold or silver of both, as it looks different at different angles/lighting.)

This is two steps in one and it stays put. Gone are the days of applying a perfect shadow and then hoping and praying your glitter sticks to it and doesn't fall all over your face. Or maybe you applied that perfect shadow, applied a sticky base over top which removed half your shadow, just to get the glitter to stick.

These shadows are like mixing your base shadow, glitter and sticky base all together and having one amazing product. The best part is that they do not feel like glitter. There is no grit. They are just as smooth as any other Urban Decay shadow.

I understand that these are not for everyone. Not all people like glitter. But, being someone who does lots of prom makeup, I can see these working great for proms, pageants, evenings out, holidays, or any time you just want a little extra oomph.

I wore Space Cowboy alone with mascara to work several days ago, no shadow primer, and it wore great. I had very little fallout by the end of the day. I will post some photos of me wearing these once I get over this horrible cold I have.

I can't wait to purchase the other four shades!

One complaint:

Why make 7 shades? That is such an uneven number. My palette only holds six shades, so one would have to be in a palette with other finishes, and I would like to be able to keep them all together. Call me crazy, but that kind of stuff bugs me. And who would make a seven shadow palette?

Will you be picking any of these up?

If this has been helpful at all, please leave a comment below! Thanks!!!

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