My experience with Wen by Chaz Dean

I really want to love Wen. I want that voluminous, shiny, va-va-voom hair the models on QVC and Alyssa Milano have. I want long, beautiful hair!

So, I have used Wen. And then I used it again. I used it for a long time; purchased tons of it. Both times I applied just like I was supposed to. I thoroughly rinsed. I repeated. And both times it failed me.

I experienced tons of hair loss. My hair came out in the shower. It came out just by touching my head. It was all over my house!

I did the research. I have read all the "bad" reviews from others who have had bad experiences. They claim allergies to menthol or other ingredients.

Then I thought about it. The first time I tried it was right after giving birth when my hormones were crazy. My friend Brittany just lost half her hair because of hormones after giving birth, and that made me think that maybe it wasn't the Wen.

The second time I tried Wen was during and after Accutane treatments for my skin. The Accutane turned my hair brittle and I am still recovering from the breakage. Maybe I unjustly blamed the Wen?

This brings me to now and the reason I am writing this post. I am trying Wen again. This time I have no outside events, no medications, nothing to effect the outcome of the Wen with my hair.

I have come to realize that proper maintenance of Wen is a must to having a positive result. This includes regular oil treatments on the scalp. I recently read a lady's story of her experience with hair loss and that her dermatologist told her it was because of the essential oils in Wen penetrating and blocking the hair follicle causing it to harden and break. The derm recommended she add jojoba and tea tree to regular shampoo to flush the follicles of build-up because they are emollient and grab onto other oils and remove them, similar to oil cleansing of the face. The Wen oils are made of jojoba base. It only makes sense to me that the people who regularly use the oils are flushing these essential oils regularly and keeping it from causing the build-up and breakage. I think that using a clarifying shampoo mixed with the oils weekly could also prevent the build-up.

I am going to try my theory for now and see what kind of result I get. I have also bought some of the Kids version of Wen to see if that effects me differently.

I will keep you updated.

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