My Wen Journey- Update

I have been using Wen again for about a month now. My hair is looking beautiful!

I do not cleanse, rinse, and repeat. I feel like it is unnecessary and a ploy to get us to use more product. Years ago, one cleanse was what we were told. We were also told the Cleansing Conditioner was the only product we need. How many products are in the Wen line now?

Back to my hair.

I have been eperimenting with different formula's of Wen and have discovered that some things just don't work for me.

I can use any seasonal formula and they work wonderfully. In fact, they are my favorite and I wish they came in a gallon size.

Wen Kids is what I am using in the gallon size and it is also working nicely. My hair is soft and smooth. I just feel like I have to cleanse more often with the Kids than the normal or my hair looks flat and oily.

I tried the Wen Sweet Almond Mint last week to see if the original formula would cause any reaction. I also used the 613 at the same time. One of them caused a reaction on my neck and hairline. I had major break out areas. I am going to further experiment to figure out which was the culprit, but I have a feeling it might be a menthol allergy and that could be why I lose so much hair the last time I tried Wen.

I use and love the Tea Tree replenishing mist along with the Pomegranate with no problems. I also use and love the Tea Tree styling cream for heat protection.

The Lavender Volumizing Spray is nice, but I don't get much volume from it. I use it more as a hairspray.

I have not tried the mousse or serum yet, but I would like to- eventually.

Here are some tips for using Wen that work well for me:

Do not count pumps! I apply a handful at my roots and work it in adding in handfuls of water and "lathering" it up at the roots. I keep doing this until I can work my hands through my hair from root to tip with no snags. When my hands go through the entire length of my hair smoothly without getting caught, I know there is enough product in my hair.

Working water into the product and "lathering" is key to picking up and removing the dirt and oils in the scalp. The water will almost produce a foamy type consistency to the Wen.

After doing those two steps and really working the product into the hair, I let it sit for the length of my shower before combing through. When I comb, I start from the scalp and work slowly almost to the ends of the hair. Instead of going straight down through the ends and having all the excess product fall into the drain, I lift my hair up at the ends to the top of my head so that the excess falls back on top of my head. I then work that back into the hair one final time.

Next is rinsing. When rinsing, you must constantly be massaging the scalp to remove all product from the skin. When you think your have rinsed long enough, rinse more. You don't want to feel any product on the hair or scalp. Be sure to rinse the hairline, neck, ears, and back also to remove any product and prevent breakouts and irritation.

I then apply a nickel size amount back into my hair before ringing out the excess water.

When I get out of the shower, I use my towel to wipe all around my hairline to make sure any residue is removed from my skin.

When my hair is towel dried, I apply a few drops of oil mixed with my styling cream and usually sleep with wet hair. The next morning I will just re-activate the styling cream with replenishing mist, and style as usual.

This is what my hair currently looks like.

I am not giving up yet on having a beautiful head of Wen hair. I will continue to update you on my progress.

Have you tried Wen yet? What was your experience?

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