Review- Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner

I was excited to get my hands on this new liner from Jesse's Girl. I had seen it all over Facebook and YouTube.

First impression:

I love the sleek metallic tube.

The pen has a magic marker style applicator which makes it easy to use.

The cap clicks closed and is airtight.

The price was great at under $6.

Easy to find at Rite Aid store.

Super fine, flexible tip.

Easy to write with like a pen. Can get a very thin line.

I was eager to try this baby out and see how it would do. At first touch it seemed very effective at making a super skinny line at my base of my lashes. The tip is very easy to get into the inner corner. The color is nice and black.

The problem:

It didn't dry! It stayed wet and ran all over my lid!!!

I had to wipe it down with a cottom swab and apply shadow over top to set.

I was so disappointed!

I had such high hopes. One of my favorite bloggers- Crystallis007- loved this liner and gave it a great review. Why did it not work for me?

I will keep trying. I don't like to give up on a product. (Check out my history with Wen)

Did this product work for you?

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