Small Haul- Z Palettes!

What could possibly be inside this box of fluffy pink peanuts?
Why, Z Palettes, of course!
Where did I get such a fabulous package you ask?
If you are signed up for e-mails from LeCosmetique, or follow them on Facebook, you might have seen the promotion they were offering a couple days ago for a free hot pink small Z Palette with the purchase of two Z Palettes of any size. I have been needing some extra palettes anyway so that I can do away with my Mac palettes, so I jumped on this offer.

Green Cherry Blossom Z Palette

Blue Cherry Blossom Z Palette

Small Hot Pink Palette
I don't know when it happened, but all my Z Palettes came with magnet stickers this time. I am so happy about this and have already went through most of my depotted shadows and changed out the magnets. My last two light pink Z Palettes came from LeCosmetique as well and did not have the stickers with them.

OCC Lip Tar- Stained Gloss- Rhythm Box

Preview Swatch of Rhythm Box
I love to order from LeCosmetique because they not only offer the Pro discount, but they still give Pro's free shipping a let us use promo codes. No other Pro store that I have seen or have a discount with allow that. I know of one other that does free shipping, but no promo codes. The other ones that I have Pro discount with for palettes and such have outrageous shipping charges. Needless to say, all my business goes to LeCosmetique. I love their customer service, fast shipping, and their business in general! I highly recommend checking them out for both Z Palettes and OCC!!!

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