What's in my Z Palettes?

I love Z Palettes! They are so much sleeker and easier to use than my Mac palettes. I am slowly converting all of my depots to my Z Palettes, and thought I'd show you the five I have so far and what I have in them.

I have five palettes so far.

This one is the small hot pink palette.

I have my Urban Decay Naked palette depots in here. This wasn't depotted by choice. The palette I had got wet in a flood and fell apart. I saved the shadows and now they have a nice, new home.

These two large light pink palettes were my first ones. I don't think this shade is available anymore. I use these to store my Makeup Geek shadows.

These are my more neutral MUG shadows.

These are the brighter MUG shadows.

My newest two palettes are these limited edition Cherry Blossom palettes. I have used these to store some of my Mac shadows. I still need another palette, since I filled these up and still have some shadows left.

I put my darker neutrals and violets in this palette.

I put the lighter neutrals and greens and blues in this palette.

I still have a lot of shadows that need new homes. I plan on placing another order soon, or when I see a good coupon to use. I always try to maximize on my purchases.

I purchase all my palettes at www.lecosmetique.com.

Do you own a Z Palette? What do you keep in yours?

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