You must try Cissy Soap soaps! Giveaway!!!

My Facebook friend Cissy Best makes the best soaps I have ever tried. She is so knowledgeable about ingredients and skin issues, that she can custom make soaps to cater to whatever your needs are. I have purchased several times for myself and my daughter and we just can't get enough!

My skin issues vary from season to season, but I always struggle with my skin. I am sensitive to most fragranced products including laundry detergent, scented lotions, and hair products. These soaps have never left me dry or tight feeling, have never caused a reaction or sensitivity, and have never disappointed. If anything, using them has made my skin softer and calmer than before.

My very first purchase was a vanilla peppermint loofah soap. It arrived in a cute little basket with each soap wrapped in wax paper. Cissy also included a sweet little note in it! If you have dry or flaky skin, this loofah will scrub it right off and the shea butter base will hydrate.

My second order, after my husband and I used the first ones, was a batch that was made for itchy winter skin- Peppermint/patchouli/tea tree in a shea butter base. We used this one up fast!

That order actually came with a small container of her handmade body buttah. It was incredible on my hands and lips! My daughter loved it so much that I had Cissy send her a special order for Valentines Day and a huge tub of it for myself.

My latest order was some of Cissy's bugs. She sent me an assortment of 4 bugs of various scents and bases. I really love the Jasmine butterfly made with real honey!

My favorite thing about the soaps, other than the great ingredients, are how long they last. They don't just melt away in the shower, they have some substance to them and stay pretty solid until they are used on the skin.

Prices vary from soap to soap, and Cissy usually makes them by the batch with a special price.

Here are some examples of other soaps Cissy makes:


To purchase any of these soaps or to customize your own soap, contact Cissy Best on her Facebook page Cissy Soap-

If you have been following me a while, you know that I was a huge lover of Goat Milk Soap until these little gems struck my fancy. I have been a convert ever since. And although I have become friends with Cissy, I have never been asked to review her products and I have paid for all the soaps I have ordered.

If you want a great product made by a very kind woman, and want to support small business owners, I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page and see what she does first hand. She has many return customers!

If you have ever tried Cissy's soaps, what is your opinion on them? If you haven't tried them, check out her Facebook and let me know what would you most like to try. I will personally send one person a package with some of Cissy's soaps!

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