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Great news for Laura Geller fans!!!

Laura has finally released a Deep shade of Balance n Brighten!!!! I have said for a long time that there needed to be a deeper shade than tan. It was just unfair to the deeper skin ladies that the shade range stopped at Tan. I am so excited for all of you who had been left out for so long. I am sure Laura had to get the shade just perfect before releasing it!

There are two item listings now with a Deep shade choice:

Fall Into Baked Collection

Balance N Highlight

This is such great news. I can't wait to here reviews from the ladies who have been asking for this!

Please let me know how it matches :).

Wet n wild Pop Art Craze collection- Review

I finally found this collection after all the hootin' and hollerin' I read online about it. I had to see if it was truly worth the hype. At first sight, it was beautiful; everything you could want in a summer collection. There is so much color! And they are great colors!!! But, are they as good in quality as we expect of wet n wild at this point?

A Regular at the Factory

This is the trio I most wanted from seeing photos online.

The pigmentation was great and the texture was nice and buttery. Love this one!

Your Fifteen Minutes Aren't Up!

This trio looks great together. I love all three shades...

Unfortunately, the pigmentation is not great with the pink and purple shades. The purple was the worst. I can't recommend this one without a good base.  To Muse and Carouse

This is that perfect "Mod" trio. I love the vibe this trio gives off.

The pigmentation is nice, though the blue is not as great as I expected it to be. I would still recommend this one!  I'm …

New storage find

I was so excited to find this display case today at the flea market for only $22!!! It holds a lot of makeup!

I went through my stash and put some of my most expensive items in it as well as some of my favorites that would fit well on the shelves. I was surprised at how many drawers I was able to empty out.

Of course, I could not put my large palettes in there, but it held a lot of my small ones.

I also found a cool shelf that I am going to make into a nail polish rack. I'll post pics when I am done.

Arganesque hair serum GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Good Luck!
I will pick a winner on July 31 :)

Makeup Geek Haul

I have another MUG haul for you in my continuing effort to collect all of the shadows. Today I have five shadows and one pigment.


 Utopia is just one of those products that you must have if you are a collector of shiny things. I can't wait to play around with it on my eyes, but for now, here is a hand swatch. Ooh and ahhh with me now- oooohhhhhh...... ahhhhhhhhh.....

Now onto the shadows. I got five browns. Browns? Yes, browns. Since I tend to gravitate toward bright, shiny things, I was missing neutrals from my MUG collection.

Top row: Mocha, Purely Naked, Frappe Bottom Row: Crème Brulee, Latte
Flash: Mocha, Purely Naked, Crème Brulee, Frappe, Latte
No Flash: Mocha, Purely Naked, Crème Brulee, Frappe, Latte
Purely Nake and Frappe are essentially the same shade, but Purely Naked has shimmer and Frappe is matte. You make the decision if you need both.

Purchase by clicking this banner.

*Affiliate link I purchased these myself at full price.

Milani Coming Up Roses powder blush review

I first heard of these blushes from the Nouveau Cheap blog and thought they looked super cute. When I made a frequent trip to Meijer to check out they new makeup items they had, these little babes were on the display. At first I purchased just one- Flora Passion. I had to stop and get the other three after trying it. You will see why below.

There are four shades:

Flora Passion- pinky/coral soft matte

Bella Rosa- Brighter, bluer, pink

Romantic Rose- mauve pink, more neutral

Warm Petals- warm tan with shimmer

The price was just under $7 each. Again, I purchased at Meijer.

The packaging feels really luxurious compared to most drugstore type products. It is nice and heavy and the plastic is thick and durable.  Flora Passion

Romantic Rose

Warm Petals

Bella Rosa

Top left clockwise- Bella Rosa, Warm Petals, Romantic Rose, Flora Passion
Flash: Flora Passion, Bella Rosa, Romantic Rose, Warm Petals
No Flash: Flora Passion, Bella Rosa, Romantic Rose, Warm Petals

The three pinks are all a soft ma…

Mally Effortless Airbrush Foundation Review

Mally's newest foundation and the one I decided to finally take the plunge on is the Effortless Airbrush foundation. This foundation is supposed to be as good as airbrush foundation with the convenience of a pump dispenser. A pointed face brush accompanies the foundation for the perfect application every time.

My initial thoughts on the pump dispenser was that it looked like shaving cream.

The brush has a nice weight like all Mally brushes and feels expensive. (Too bad they are all made in China!)

Top to bottom- Mally, It Cosmetics, Skinn Plasma brush

I shook the product up first- not sure if you are supposed to but it made sense to me. It dispensed easily and looked exactly like it did on QVC. The coverage was surprisingly opaque and I had pumped enough to do more than my whole face. Did you notice the luminosity this foundation has? It doesn't go away. If you are looking for a matte foundation, this is not for you.
My shade is Medium. I should have got tan, but this ended up…