Mally Effortless Airbrush Foundation Review

Mally's newest foundation and the one I decided to finally take the plunge on is the Effortless Airbrush foundation. This foundation is supposed to be as good as airbrush foundation with the convenience of a pump dispenser. A pointed face brush accompanies the foundation for the perfect application every time.

My initial thoughts on the pump dispenser was that it looked like shaving cream.

The brush has a nice weight like all Mally brushes and feels expensive. (Too bad they are all made in China!)

Top to bottom- Mally, It Cosmetics, Skinn Plasma brush

I shook the product up first- not sure if you are supposed to but it made sense to me. It dispensed easily and looked exactly like it did on QVC. The coverage was surprisingly opaque and I had pumped enough to do more than my whole face. Did you notice the luminosity this foundation has? It doesn't go away. If you are looking for a matte foundation, this is not for you.

My shade is Medium. I should have got tan, but this ended up melting into my skin and looking just right.

Watch my video to see how I applied it and the complete look I achieved with my Mally Beauty.

These first couple pictures are immediately after application. (I jinxed myself when I said that my eyebrow tended to point down at times. Now I have a buttload of pics with a wonky eyebrow.)

Click on this to see the shimmer particles in the foundation.

It photographed well.

In direct sunlight with flash.

After six hours- At this point I am an oily mess. This product does not provide oil control so be prepared and bring blotting sheets or powder with you. I tend to just go with the flow and never touch up.

I had a tiny crease in the fold of my eye. I just patted it with my finger and it looked fine- see below. A primer would have helped, but I am too lazy to use primer. This 90 degree heat doesn't help anything.

After powdering and a little touch up of the eye.

Ten hours later. I'm oily again from taking the kids to the park but I still have nice coverage. The product doesn't seem to budge, even with oil coming through. I want to try it again with a primer to see if that helps.

Overall I think this is a very nice foundation. It feels like nothing, it covers well, and it is easy to apply.


It has small shimmer particles that some may not like.

The finish is very similar to my Dinair airbrush makeup, and also looks a lot like Mac Face and Body after two coats. Dinair does wear better and has more coverage I think.

I love a product that is what it says it is. This is everything Mally said it would be during her on air presentation. If you want an airbrush finish but do not want to invest in an airbrush, this is the closest product I have ever used.

I would love to know how this works on dry skin!

The fact that you get almost 2oz and the fantastic brush, make the price more reasonable than most. With shipping I paid around $50.

What do you think? Will you be trying it?

Mally Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse & Brush Mally Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse & Brush
What is it: Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse is a "does it all" formula that acts to cover and moisturize. This is your "one-stop-shop" when it comes to beautiful and flawless skin. This specially formulated mousse makeup keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day, while providing long-lasting coverage to keep skin silky, smooth, and illuminated.Who is it for: Any woman who wants a makeup product that will leave skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day, while providing supreme coverage.Why is it different: The Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse is formulated with specially coated pigments that adhere to skin for impeccable long-wear with a feel that's wonderfully light and airy. Once it's blended into the skin with the professional foundation brush, the finish is unlike any other--so smooth, silky, and luminous! You can build this foundation to get the coverage you need, but you'll still get a flawless, natural look--no mask-like finish here!How do I use it: Application couldn't be easier! Just dispense a small amount into your hand (a little goes a long way!), and apply using your fingers, a sponge, or the professional foundation brush included. Upon contact, you'll notice how incredibly the mousse glides onto skin!From Mally Beauty.Includes:


I purchased this. Not sponsored. Affiliate link when possible.

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