Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks- Review

Cream eyeshadow seems to be big right now no matter where you shop. Each brand from drugstore to high end is producing their own type of shadow cream. Some come in stick form while some come in a pot, but they all serve the same purpose- to provide long lasting, crease free, shadow application quickly and easily. These can usually be used alone or underneath a powder shadow for greater pigmentation and lasting ability.

Today I am going to talk about my very favorite cream shadow type product- the Mally Everycolor shadow stick.

Why do I like these shadow sticks over every other kind I have tried? That is easy. They last! They apply and set quickly, and they do not budge once set. You get about ten to twenty seconds play time before they set, and then they do not come off unless you use a wipe or remover to take them off.

The Mally Evercolor shadow stick retails for $25 each. It can be purchased anywhere that sells Mally Beauty. I will put links at the end of this post.

These shadow sticks come in 23 shades on or 16 shades on
Right now on Mally's website they are on sale for $18.75.

I have ten shades that I will now show you. I hope to eventually have them all!!!!!

Oh, and Mally now has an anti-aging version of these as well on QVC called Age Rebel. Someday, I might have these too!

Here we go with swatches!!!


Saddle Shimmer




Purple Rain





camo, green, purple rain, nautical, twilight, saddle shimmer, dusk, champagne, platinum, firework

         camo, green, purple rain, nautical, twilight, saddle shimmer, dusk, champagne, platinum, firework

saddle shimmer, dusk, champagne, platinum, firework

purple rain, nautical, twilight, saddle shimmer, dusk

camo, green, purple rain, nautical, twilight

The main differences in like shades:

Camo is deeper and bluer than Green which is more of a yellow toned green.

Twilight is the more neutral skin like of the three "brown" shades. Saddle Shimmer is a golden brown and Dusk is a rosy brown.

Champagne is a golden hued shimmer, while Platinum is an icy silver and Firework leans more copper.

I hope this helps any of you who are looking for swatches or looking to purchase these. Remember to work fast before they set!

But at Ulta HERE

Mally Age Rebel Waterproof Shadow Stick Duo Mally Age Rebel Waterproof Shadow Stick Duo
Nothing perks up your peepers like pure vibrant color--especially when it's formulated with antiaging ingredients that help smooth and firm skin! This creamy, velvety-soft shadow glides on smoothly and imparts intense color that stays all day without fading. Lightweight and blendable, it helps you achieve a younger look instantly. From Mally Beauty.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Stic k Mally Beauty Evercolor Long Wearing Shadow Stic k
What is it: With a range of fierce shades to choose from, this Evercolor Shadow Stick brings out the white in your eyes and makes them appear more radiant. Wear it alone, or pair it with different shades to create a truly unique look.Who is it for: Any woman who wants long-wearing, bulletproof eye color.Why is it different: This shadow stick requires no brush for application. The color choices are specifically designed by Mally to complement one another.How do I use it: For gorgeous eyes, all you need is a finger to smudge and soften the color! Use the stick singly by applying all over the lid, and slightly into the crease. Or, if you're using multiple sticks, start with a lighter shade on the lid of the eye and blend; use a deeper shade in the crease and on the outer corner of the eye.From Mally Beauty.


*Not sponsored and not affiliated with Mally Beauty. Some links will be affiliate links when possible. Purchased by me or received as gifts.

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