Wet n wild Pop Art Craze collection- Review

I finally found this collection after all the hootin' and hollerin' I read online about it. I had to see if it was truly worth the hype.
At first sight, it was beautiful; everything you could want in a summer collection. There is so much color! And they are great colors!!!
But, are they as good in quality as we expect of wet n wild at this point?

A Regular at the Factory

This is the trio I most wanted from seeing photos online.

The pigmentation was great and the texture was nice and buttery. Love this one!

Your Fifteen Minutes Aren't Up!

This trio looks great together. I love all three shades...

Unfortunately, the pigmentation is not great with the pink and purple shades. The purple was the worst. I can't recommend this one without a good base.
 To Muse and Carouse

This is that perfect "Mod" trio. I love the vibe this trio gives off.

The pigmentation is nice, though the blue is not as great as I expected it to be. I would still recommend this one!
 I'm Seeing Triples!

The only thing I'm seeing triples of is disappointment.

The pigmentation is lacking in this one. Skip it and go for the next one.
 Hard Being the It Girl

These colors are a bit pastel, but this blue is worth it. The other two shades would work well with many other shades in this collection.

Holy Cow is this blue pigmented! And the other two are great as well. But, get this for the blue!
 Three's A Party

A great basic trio that can be used with many other things.

This picture came out a bit blurred, but these colors are great. The black is more of a charcoal, but still better than Mac Carbon IMO. This red is stunning and the white is a nice basic matte white.

There is also six nail polishes in this collection. I bought them, but suck at doing my nails, so I will leave swatches to the nail bloggers. I already love the wnw nail polish formula. I like it better than a lot of my expensive polishes. And for $.99 what can it hurt?

Of the six eyeshadow trio's, I really love- in order:

Hard Being the It Girl
A Regular at the Factory
To Muse and Carouse
Three's A Party

I could do without:
Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
I'm Seeing Triples!

Funny how the two worst ones to me end in an !.

What did you think about this collection? Which were your favorites?

Stay tuned for a Giveaway!!!!!!

I purchased these at Walgreen's for$2.99 and $.99.

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