Back to my makeup roots! Smashbox Cosmetics

Can you think back in time and remember the moment that triggered your makeup obsession? I can remember my babysitter putting makeup on me at a very young age and feeling very beautiful with it on.

Fast forward a couple years to third grade on Halloween. I was a punk rocker, as I was every year in grade school, and a boy in my class told me I was pretty with my makeup on. I would say it was that moment that I realized how makeup could transform me into the me I wanted to be. I wanted to be pretty. I wanted to be confident.

I come from a very small town. We had a small Wal-mart, and one drugstore back then. My only makeup choices were drugstore brands, Avon, Mary Kay, and later Merle Norman. I made do with what I could get, which was usually Cover Girl because it was cheap. I didn't know anything about high end makeup back then and had never been to a department store. (I don't think I ever went to a department store until later in High School.)

Fast forward again. I had developed my application skills and was fairly good. I got compliments frequently and all my friends and family had me doing their makeup. And then my life was changed. I stumbled upon QVC!

The first time I saw a makeup presentation on QVC, I was hooked! I had to watch them all.

Holly Mordini and Smashbox were my first dip into the high end, artistic side, of makeup. (Bare Escentuals and Leslie Blodgett were second.) She made everything look so luxurious and glamorous. I wanted to be her and I wanted to use everything she used. Of course, I could never talk to husband into letting me order anything. Still, I watched and I learned. This was before YouTube made makeup popular. I learned about cream liner and filling in my brows from Holly. She taught us about highlighter before everyone was obsessed with highlighting. If anyone should have branched into their own makeup line it was her!

Holly Mordini on QVC

This brings me to the point of this blogpost. Getting back to my roots and my first loves.

I loved Smashbox so much back then that I created a forum on Delphi Forums named Smashbox Rocks. There was quite a bit of activity too from all the other QVC addicts who loved Smashbox. But then, more makeup companies started developing even better products. For some reason or another, Smashbox quality was sub-par compared to all these new products on the market and their quality just wasn't there anymore. We all kind of stopped buying it and went to other brands. QVC stopped showing their items. They stopped having these fantastic kits. They kind of faded to the background.

But.... I am excited to say that Smashbox is making a comeback! I am loving the new products they are bringing out. I still miss Holly Mordini! I only hope that QVC starts showing them more and that they start getting the recognition they deserve in the beauty community.

I have recently fell back in love with the primer. I love the new legendary lipstick formula. The BB cream and Halo liquid foundations are amazing. The Full Exposure mascara is my new favorite for every day. I am still hoping they will get over the eyeshadow trios- I hate buying small trios or palettes. I want single, refillable, shadows and large palettes. (Think Urban Decay, they have the palette thing down!)

What do I still think that Smashbox needs to improve upon?

Shade selection! The foundation shades are always too yellow and not true to the description. I am a medium in everything but Smashbox. Their medium always runs dark, as do all their shades. I always have to order a shade or two lighter, which makes ordering online difficult.

Another thing that could be improved upon is their relationship with bloggers and social media. They are not personable or approachable. We want to feel important to you!

Keep your good products that we have loved forever like your soft lights and brow tech. I have also always loved the lipgloss formula. I miss the tiny lipgloss sets that you sold. They were perfect pocket size.

What are they getting right?

Re-inventing the primer into different formulations for every skin is a great step. They can now market to the consumer who could not use the single formula they started with.

Re-formulating the foundations to compete with today's competitor's. The liquid Halo is a great product and can easily compete with these high dollar foundations on the market. Their BB cream is one of the best on the market (once you find the right shade).

The Pretty Points system, free shipping, and free samples, make ordering via their website very appealing. I love getting a free gift everytime I order. I also love earning dollars off future purchasing by being a member of their Pretty Points program. For every 500 points or $100 dollars spent, you get $10 off a future purchase. Their e-mail subscription is also great for insider knowledge of special collections and deals. Tuesdays and Thursday during Let's Do Lunch, they give a special free full size product with every order during certain hours through the day. I just recently got a free full size mascara for my birthday!

Facebook marketing- this can be improved, but the past year they have been doing promotions where you enter to get free samples of primer, or even free full sized items. I have won primer samples twice and I won a billboard competition where they sent me a free eyeshadow palette and mascara. This not only promotes their page and creates interest, but they are creating new customers who try these products for the first time and love them.

Smashbox is what started my high end makeup obsession. I hope they continue their momentum and keep bringing out fantastic products for today's market.

I want to re-focus and go back to brands I love instead of trying out all these new things I have no clue about and never use again after my review. I am going to start using products I love again, starting with Smashbox and Bare Escentuals. I don't need to try all these new products all the time. I need to use the ones I already love.

What was your first makeup brand that you loved?

Smashbox on QVC-

smashbox Try It Kit: Halo + BB

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