Dinair airbrush- Smokey metallic eyes

My eyes are red and sore this morning, meaning no contacts today. Since I must wear my glasses, I feel I have free range to wear a stronger eye without anyone noticing I am "dressing up" as they like to call it.

First, I want to mention something that I have forgot to mention in my earlier posts. I did not tell you all how well this makeup covers my acne. I already have my makeup on, but will try to remember tonight to take a close up naked face and edit it back into this post so that you can see what all is being covered by this makeup and it feels like nothing on my skin. I will do another post this week detailing how I cover everything. I had also read a question by MsKimiKiwi on Facebook about how this makeup acts on oily/combo skin. Well, I have combo skin and it is perfection. You will still have oil no matter what makeup you wear. With Dinair the oil still seeps through and you can blot and powder just like with any other makeup and it stays put and looks like new afterward. Dinair makes a product called liquid powder that acts as a primer before the foundation to help with oil.

Back to today's makeup. I wanted to experiment with stronger colors on my eyes. I started with a base of Lt Bronze on my eyes and up into the crease and bottom lashline, smoked out the outer half with Gray Frost and then blended those together and highlighted with Gold. I very lightly penciled in some sparse areas of my brows, but wanted them to look very natural with my glasses.

I am still trying to find that perfect combo for my complexion. Today I used Glamour foundation in Lt Golden Beige to conceal and used the remainder on the rest of my face. I then lightly layered the Camouflage foundation in Golden Olive over top. This is my favorite combo so far.

I used Lt Bronze to contour my face with today and love the look of it! I then used Peach Beige as blush and Gold to highlight my cheek.

This next picture shows the cheek area real well. I love the way that gold is reflecting the light!

My finished face: I used Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Liar and It Cosmetics under eye concealer today. I set my t-zone with my Nars light reflecting powder.

I love the over-all look. I love how this photographs. I pretty much love everything about it! I haven't used an eyeshadow brush in a week!

What would you like to know about airbrushing?

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