Smashbox Wonder Vision Mega Palette- Review

I am so excited to bring you this review! As I have previously posted, Smashbox is one of my all time favorite brands, and this new palette for Holiday 2013 does not disappoint!!

Introducing the Wonder Vision Mega Palette from Smashbox:

This palette is a combination of 30 eyeshadows , 3 blushes, and a bronzer. The palette itself consists of a silver, mirror finish, cardboard similar to a Z Palette. The inside hosts a large mirror and four get the look cards, along with the makeup.

Now, let's take a look at the palette. (All shades swatched with finger without primer) Click on photo to enlarge.

The shades in this palette range from matte to metallic, and include a couple of shades with glitter. The color range is impressive considering there are only 30 shades.

Row 1: Smoky greys and blacks

silver, grey, slate, brown, pewter, glitz

silver- metallic, intense silver
gray- satin, lilac grey, slightly sheer
slate- metallic taupe, 
brown- dark brown with gold glitter
pewter- metallic dark grey
glitz- black with gold glitter

Row 1 on bottom, Row 2 on top

Row 2: Pinks and Purples

pearl, pink, lavender, violet, purple, black

pearl- metallic pink pearl
pink- light pink with pink glitter
lavender- medium pink/purple matte
violet- satin dusty lilac
purple- dark purple with gold glitter
black- matte black

Row 3: Greens and Blues

maize, mint, turquoise, green, blue, dark blue

maize- matte pale yellow
mint- metallic champagne
turquoise- metallic green
green- metallic green/blue
blue- metallic dusty blue
dark blue- dark blue with blue glitter

Row 3 on bottom, Row 4 on top

Row 4: Oranges and Reds

taupe, peach, citrine, orange, red, umber

taupe- matte flesh tone with slight sparkle
peach- metallic light peach
citrine- metallic yellow gold
orange- metallic orange
red- metallic cranberry
umber- green/brown duochrome

Row 5: Neutral tans and browns

beige, almond, golden, chestnut, fawn, chocolate

beige- matte white, slight peach tone
almond- matte warm tan
golden- metallic warm tan
chestnut- matte cool tan
fawn- matte warm medium brown
chocolate- matte dark brown


baby pink, sherbet, glow, bronze

bronze, glow, sherbet, baby pink

bronze- matte. neutral to warm, medium brown
glow- peach pink with peach pink glitter
sherbet- matte dark peach pink
baby pink- matte light blue pink

Overall thoughts:

This palette is a great combination of shades and finishes. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran hoarder such as myself, you will find this palette a wonderful addition to your collection. The colors and richness of this palette make it perfect for Fall. Metallic is "In" for Fall 2013, and there are a plethora of metallic shades in here. I LOVE the orange and red shades as well as the taupes and greens. There are just enough matte shades for the matte lovers out there, and I love the fact that nearly all the brow highlight shades are matte. Pearl will be great for the inner corners of the eyes. I did find the darkest shades lacking in pigment, but over a primer they will work just fine.

The get the look cards are a clever idea and super useful for those who look at this palette and wonder what the heck to do with it. They pretty much take thinking out of the equation. The only decision is which card to use and what shade family to wear that day. Each row is a different color family that work well together, but of course, they can be used however you wish with any other color.

Overall, for under $50, this palette is amazing! I would definitely recommend this one!!!

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