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Lorac Rockin' Red Hot- 3D liquid luster set- Review

I already own and love the Lorac 3D liquid lustre in Diamond, so when I saw this set on their Facebook page, I knew I had to have it!

This set includes Diamond, as well as three new shades- Platinum, Amethyst, and Topaz.

As good as I tried to get these swatches in focus, the shimmer was just too much for my camera. The Diamond really sparkles like a diamond, and is the most sparkly in this set.

Diamond- is a sheer white base with a light gold glitter.

Platinum- is a smoky gray base with what appears to be silver and purple glitter.

Amethyst- is a smoky plum with fuschia/pink glitter. This one was the hardest to work with.

Topaz- is a melon/copper color with what looks like orange, silver, and maybe pink glitter in it.

topaz, amethyst, platinum, diamond- flash
topaz, amethyst, platinum, diamond- no flash
diamond- no flash 
diamond- flash platinum- no flash
platinum- flash amethyst- no flash
amethyst- flash topaz- no flash
topaz- flash
The consistency to these is a liquid, so applicatio…