Mally Evercolor Starlight 10pc eye liner set- Review

Mally - Makeup artist to the stars has created a line for QVC featuring her most beloved cosmetics! Shop special offers today!

I have developed an allergy to nearly every eyeliner I own. This means I can't use my beloved Urban Decay liners anymore. One brand that I can use and that works very well is Mally.

This newest collection of ten pencil liners was a nice range of colors to satisfy my need for variation from the normal black liners I own. 

Midnight, Peacock Feathers, Sailor, Wildthing, Cobalt

    Starshine, Sparking, Smoky Taupe, Lucky Penny, Black Cherr

I really like the packaging with this collection. It is much more usable than the previous sets that have been available. I can sit this one on my makeup table and use it much more easily.

Most of these shades are metallic or have shimmer, so those of you who do not like that will want to steer clear of this one. Midnight and Peacock Feathers are the two matte shades and are well worth picking up on eBay.

I love these liners because they glide on easy and stay put all day. They truly are bulletproof for me. I do not get any sensitivity on my eyes like I have started getting with my Urban Decay liners. They actually started turning the whites of my eyes yellow. These do not.

I always use navy liner on most of my clients, especially on older clients, because it gives a more awake and refreshed look to the face and is less harsh than black. This set contains two blue liners, and I love that! I sold the heck out of navy liner and mascara at the cosmetic counter. I only hope that Mally brings us a navy mascara.

This set is available on QVC. 

Mally Holiday 10-pc Starlight LinerCollection with Case Mally Holiday 10-pc Starlight LinerCollection with Case
A fine line. These award-winning budge-proof, waterproof eyeliners glide on like a dream and can be applied for precision definition or smudged for a soft, smoky effect. A cylinder storage case lets you store or transport all 10 gorgeous shades. From Mally Beauty.

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