Quickie Review- Nars Light Reflecting Setting powders

Pressed or Loose? That is the question.

Nars Light Reflecting Setting powders- loose and pressed

Many people have reservations when it comes to purchasing loose powder products. They are messy, harder to travel with, and take a lot more skill to use than a pressed product.

The Nars powders are very popular in the beauty community because of the flawless look they give to the skin. I had to purchase both powders to really test them out and see how they differed.

These are heavy swatches- pressed on left, loose on right.

Loose on bottom and Pressed on top

When it comes to the loose version of this powder, less is way more. This powder is extremely more opaque than the pressed powder and would cause major flashback if applied too heavily. If photography is not an issue, this one looks beautiful on the skin and leaves an airbrushed, poreless finish on the skin. A large, loose powder brush is a must with this one. This product is the more matte finish of the two, but a luminous matte.

The pressed version of this powder can almost look like nothing is there. This is a problem for anyone who is used to seeing a product on their skin, to know that it is there. I had to really pack the product on for it to show on this photo. The benefit to to not seeing it, is that you would have a hard time applying too much, which makes this powder great for touch-ups and for photos. I do want to stress that the product is working even though you don't see it on your skin.

Melissa Joan Hart’s Crazy Holiday Sweater Party – Photo
This is what happens when someone applies their setting powder too heavily. She couldn't see this on her skin because it was invisible, but when the camera flashed, the makeup flashed back.

The bottom line is that both products give a beautiful, flawless finish to the skin. They are two of the most beautiful translucent powders I have ever used. If I had to choose one, I would go with the pressed powder. It is easily portable, hard to over-use, and just a great any time powder. I would only recommend the loose version to skilled makeup users.

Any age can benefit from these powders. The light reflecting benefits really trick the eyes from seeing imperfections such as pores and wrinkles. They control oil well and really leave a luminous matte finish to the skin.

Both get my approval and recommendation!!!

I purchased both of these at Sephora.

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