Sedona Lace brush haul and first impressions!!!

This is my first ever brush set by any brand popular in the beauty community or social media. I have ordered from Crown Brush before, but never an official beauty brand. My other brushes were bought as singles and I have just accumulated a lot of them over time. Sedona Lace has been intriguing to me, but I had never took that plunge until Black Friday when they had 50% off everything. I could not pass up that opportunity!

First Impressions upon opening the box- everything was packaged very well, I loved the way the Vortex set came in the sheer black bag.The included pamphlets were very thorough and even included cleaning instructions that would make these perfect for beginners as well. Since I was within so many orders that day, I also received a free liquid liner pen. Oh, and they also gave me free shipping!

Before I get asked how these compare to Sigma- I have never tried Sigma. I will do a complete brush breakdown line by line coming soon. I do wish Sigma would have had a good sale for the holiday like Sedona Lace did. The 20% off they offered didn't appeal to me considering the price and the shipping.

My order

Extra brushes and liner pen

Brushes 941, 305, EB 09- I added these three brushes on to my order to have a more complete set. I can never have too many blending brushes, I just wish I would have also added the 863 tapered blending brush as well.

This brush belt is great quality. It feels good in the hands, is very soft and flexible. I am very happy with it and will use it.

Vortex face brushes- FB 01, FB 03, FB 07, FB 05. I love that little extra touch of including the brush guards with these brushes. I will keep these and use them when cleaning these brushes to retain the shape.

Eye brushes- EB 11, EB 13, EB 09, EB 15, EB 21, EB 17, EB 23, EB 19, and lip brush

EB 11, EB 13, EB 09, EB 15

EB 21, EB 17, EB 23, EB 19

For comparison- 941, 305, EB 11

My first impressions are good. These brushes all feel very soft. I like the feel of the matte black handles. They have a nice weight to them and feel good in the hand. I can't wait to try them out these next couple weeks and bring you a full review.

My next purchase will definitely be the Midnight Lace brushes. I have been wanting them for a while. Hopefully I'll catch another good sale and grab them up!

Did you take advantage of Sedona Lace's sales???

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