Bobbi Brown- Bronze Eye Palette- Review

I am obsessed with the look of bronzed, summer skin after all this cold weather. My past few purchases are proof of this! I cannot wait to get a tan.

This Bronze eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown was at the top of my list. I love a sparkle eyeshadow in a palette. I don't care how old you are, a sparkle can work for you if used properly. Bobbi's sparkle shadows are very finely milled and subtle until they catch the light.

This whole palette works well together. If I could invent my own summer palette, this would be it!

The slook mirrored packaging is beautiful, but a magnet for fingerprints!

I included two photos to show how the light reflected off the shadows.
Top left, clockwise: Amber, Rich Bronze, Toast, Gold

Gold, Amber, Rich Bronze, Toast

Gold- sparkle eye shadow: This is a finely milled warm gold sparkle.

Amber- shimmer wash eye shadow: The perfect peachy gold shimmer.

Toast- matte eye shadow: matte warm brown.

Rich Bronze- metallic eye shadow: The perfect name, it is truly a rich bronze, but not overly metallic.

The combination of textures in this palette make it unique to a lot of other palettes on the market. Having the matte warm brown to blend and transition other shades is the selling point for me. The amber and bronze are flattering and beautiful for any eye color. The gold sparkle can take you from beach to party in seconds.

If you love a warm toned palette, this is my pick for the summer! Retail is $50-52 and it is still available at and most high end department stores.

Right now QVC has a deal with this palette and a coordinating lipstick. Check this out HERE.

*I purchased this!

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