Makeup Geek

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Makeup Geek haul

Makeup Geek just released five new eyeshadow shades and I had to get some of them. I chose four of the five. I did not get glass slipper because it is nearly identical to mermaid. I also picked up three shades that I didn't have and two brushes. Most of the brushes I wanted were sold out. 

Pointed crease brush- top
Crease brush- bottom
Top row shadows- shark bait, Barcelona beach, goddess, preppy
Bottom row shadows- rock star, pop culture, country girl

The brushes are very soft, though I feel the names should be reversed. I want more of the brushes!

The shadows are just as good as the rest of the line. I love them! Only 14 to go until  I have them all. 

The blushes launch in a week! Get your Z Palettes ready. :)

Which MUG product is your favorite?