Fusion of Color Cosmetics- Review

Unless you live under a rock, if you are a makeup artist or enthusiast, you have heard of the group, "In My Kit". This group is where I found out about diamond powder and the company who makes it, Fusion of Color. The creator, Kathy, was kind enough to send me some samples to try.

This sampler bag featured a variety of products offered on the website. I tried out every product and will give you my thoughts and let you know which I have purchased in full size, or will be purchasing.

Perfect Canvas Cleansing Oil- I love cleansing oils. This one thoroughly cleansed my skin and left it feeling so silky soft. I was shocked at how soft! The only downside is the smell. I am guessing it is the natural smell of the ingredients, but I would prefer a natural fragrance oil to be added such as sweet orange or vanilla. Other than that, I love it and want a giant bottle. Will purchase!

with beauty balm

Perfect Canvas Skin Perfect Beauty Balm- This product is a multi-tasker that hydrates, primes, and softens the skin. It feels luxurious, like an expensive day cream. Dry skin will love this in place of primer. Will purchase!

with primer

Perfect Canvas Primer- This is the kind of primer you picture when you hear the word primer. It is thick and silky with a powdery feel after it sets. Large pores be gone! You only need a tiny amount. The cost is great as well. I already have a ton of primers in my collection, but this one is nice. She also has an oil control primer available.

with concealer and primer

Cream Concealor- This cream concealer is also a multi-tasker, providing skin care benefits with vitamin E, and can be used as a concealer or eyeshadow base. It was medium to full coverage, but it did cling to the dry areas around my nose. The website states that it is water resistant, so check it out if you are needing an affordable new concealer for summer. My shade was sand.

with tinted diamond powder over concealer

with diamond powder over concealer

Aura-Lusion Diamond finishing powders- I received two diamond powder samples- one tinted and one translucent. The tinted says #2 on the bottom. I love these powders! I already purchased the large size of the translucent diamond powder if that tells you anything. These powders do the job of an HD powder, control oil like talc, but with optical blurring and none of the white flash-back. The tinted version does add a bit of warmth to the skin, but I prefer something I can use with all skin tones.

merry berry


pleasure, merry berry, concealer

Lip Gloss- I received two lip glosses, which I could not find on the website in a wand form, but I did find the same shades in pan form. These glosses feel hydrating like a balm, and the colors are great. They are nice a slippery and no stickiness. The only downside for me is the taste. They have a plastic taste that is not pleasant. I would only add some kind of flavor, which I am guessing is why a lot of companies add mint. to cover the taste. The product itself is quite good and the Merry Berry shade is gorgeous!

All of these products can be found at Fusion of Color website.

Overall, the quality of these brands is great. I follow Kathy on Facebook and see the time and work she puts into creating these products. The prices are great as well. Anyone who does makeup or is wanting to do makeup, should have Diamond Powder in their kits. You can sign up for the Pro Discount through the website as well.

Have you tried/will you try Fusion of Cosmetics? I think I will try the matte lipsticks or the mineral makeup next. :)

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