Gorgeous Cosmetics Bronzer and Highlighters- Review

My inspiration for this haul was a live chat with Corey Bishop via Specktra several weeks ago. He really talked up the Prism highlighter, so I had to have it. I will link the live chat recording at the end of this review

The four products pictured are Prism Summer highlighter, Endless Summer bronzer in 01, Prism highlighter, and Apples blush.

All but the Prism highlighter came in the matte black rubber like packaging. Prism came in a mirrored compact. I don't like the mirrored compact because it feels more fragile and the mirror will not stay up when the compact is open, it just falls backward.

Prism Summer highlighter

Prism highlighter

01 bronzer

Apples blush

summer, prism, bronzer

I did not swatch Apples because it will be included in my review of the blush palette that is coming up. (If you love a pinky/peach blush, get it!)

Summer is the perfect golden highlight. It has the perfect amount of sheen but no sparkle or glitter. It is the kind of sheen that captures the light at certain angles and looks fresh and dewy, not metallic and shiny. I love the honeycomb pattern and ombre effect. It is beautiful.

Prism is a pinky opal gleam. It is almost not existent. On very fair skins, it might be enough color for a blush, but on most of us, this is a great everyday highlighter that is not in your face, bold. It is subtle and beautiful.

The bronzer was an unexpected love for me. I do not wear a lot of bronzer. This is one of those matte but not flat kind of brown bronzers. It has the tiniest amount of red to it that makes it look natural but not orange. I fell in love instantly.

What I noticed with all of these is the texture of the powders. They are not powdery. If you have tried It Cosmetics powders, you know what I mean. They apply beautifully, blend like a dream, but you never see powder dust. They lay flat on the skin making them look like skin. You don't see texture.

If you are a highlighter connoisseur, you have to try these. I do not have anything else like them in my collection. There is always room for more subtle, dare I say natural, looking highlighters.

I purchased these from www.gorgeouscosmetics.com.

I found a coupon code today for 30% off your order, but I do not know how long it lasts. fan30

I know I will be placing another order soon!

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