Gorgeous Cosmetics Neon 8 pan palette- Review

I just placed a massive order with Gorgeous Cosmetics after watching and winning on a live video Q and A with Corey Bishop, their Director of Artistry. I was intrigued and wanted to try everything, but since I could not afford to buy one of everything, I ordered as much as I could.

For my first "show and tell", I am reviewing the Neon palette. This palette was the one I was immediately drawn to because of the vibrant colors. I found the palette to be misleading as the promo image shows a red shadow and two purple shades in the palette-

And this is what I got-

This confuses me. Did they put the wrong shades in my palette or is the promo really misleading? I wanted the palette from the promo.

On to the swatches and reviews of the shadows I did receive. (Oh, I also pushed one of the shadows out of the palette to see if it was labeled and they are not. They are glued into the palette. It seems like these aren't made to easily refill.)

The Swatches:

Buttercup, OJ, Orange, Grapewine

Cosmopolitan, Violet Satin, Electric Dream, Leprechaun

For the most part, the shadows are nicely pigmented. A couple of the shades have a rougher texture than the others (mainly the oranges and green). The Grapewine shade is beyond gorgeous! But, am I the only one that thinks Violet Satin doesn't belong in this palette? It is not neon, but is a beautiful, smooth, richly pigmented shadow. It just doesn't go with the theme of this palette.

About that Leprechaun shade. It is the most horrible eyeshadow I have ever tried in my life! It would not swatch. I couldn't get any color on my finger rubbing across it. I even tried scraping it with a knife and this is what I got-
It is just a complete dud. Greens are my favorite, so this saddens me. I am hoping Gorgeous Cosmetics will see this review and address this issue, along with the misguided promo image.

I also purchased four other palettes along with this one, and let me tell you, some of the shadows are amazing. Don't judge the brand by this palette, but this one is just a complete miss for me. When I see the word "Neon", I want neon. These shadows do not flow together, are not neon, and are not what I thought they would be.

I'm so sad to give a negative review, but this palette really needs work. (But those two purple shadows are amazing!)

The price of this palette is $59. The single shadows run $25 each, so you are getting a bargain with a palette. Wait until you see the other palettes!!!!

Please, Gorgeous Cosmetics, email me and talk to me about this palette. Did I get a bad egg? Should I send it back and get a new one? Help!!!! (misty.ewing@hotmail.com)

Update: Gorgeous Cosmetics are replacing this palette and sent me this response:

"...we wanted to let you know that our Quality Team is looking into the issue with the Neon Palette you received. It appears there is a glitch and that as we are in the process of reformulating some of our eye shadows, so you will see a variation in the pan shades included in the Neon Palette.

We are currently updating the product image on our website, as this is the former Neon Palette and until we revise the new shade ordering, the new Neon Palette will be built with the same shades as the one you received.

We hope this helps to clarify the difference in the shades and we apologize for any dissatisfaction or inconvenience this reformulation has caused you. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We take the quality of our products very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest of brand standards and customer satisfaction."

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