Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50- Review

Turning thirty was a wake-up call to my skin. Suddenly, I had dark spots and uneven skin tone. I had always struggled with acne, but never thought I would be dealing with sun damage. Needless to say, sunscreen has become a major staple in my skincare routine. That is why I am pleased to bring this review to you. 

Introducing, Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50.
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This product is like nothing I have ever tried before. The texture is very emollient, like a gelatinous lotion. It liquefies upon contact to your body heat and melts into the skin without an oily residue.

The smell is also unique. At first I could smell that typical sunscreen smell, but that quickly dissipated into an herbal/spicy smell that reminded me of licorice. It was pleasant and mild.

But, then I got to thinking, will this licorice scented sunscreen sting my eyes? I had to test it, so I applied a nice dollop to my eye area and all around. No stinging, no anything. It was like I had just applied a light eye cream.

But wait, there's more.

This sunscreen is also an anti-aging day lotion!

It is full of age fighting peptides and antioxidants like white tea and vitamin E.

The formula alone is also unique. Dermalogica found a way to turn their SPF 30 formula into an SPF 50 with an advanced Oloesome technology from Safflower seeds that deliver the sunscreens directly to the skin surface and release them over time. How cool is that?

Now we have an advanced anti-aging sunscreen that is powerful enough to give an SPF 50 protection and stimulate collagen while hydrating the skin.

I tested this product the last two weeks while I was on vacation. It worked perfectly without irritating or breaking out my sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an SPF product. I really like it, even better than my Paula's Choice sunscreen, though I will stick with Paula for my body.

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