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Bravon Beauty magnetic eyes shadow solo- swatches

Here are some swatches from my most recent order. I will at some point make a post with all swatches in one place. For now, I just want to get these out there for anyone trying to decide which shades to purchase. When I researched, I found very little information out there.
These are Bravon's single pressed shadows. They come in matte or satin finish. You can pop these into any empty palette like a z palette or the ones Bravon offers. They are $11 each and are the standard pan size as Mac and Mug.
Top row: sweet tangerine- satin, brilliant sun- satin, waterfall- satin, glazed raspberry- satin
Bottom row: eclipse- satin, desert heat- satin, champagne diamond- satin, midnight amethyst- satin, rich cocoa- satin.
I applied all of these with the Bravon rounded shadow brush. I am testing the new upcoming foundation, and used it as the base under the shadows. Some of the brighter colors and the dark brown have tiny sparkles in them, but they are very subtle once applied to the skin.
I do have…

Bravon Beauty haul with swatches

I was able to purchase Bravons Hot Picks before it sold out. Here are swatches and some extras with this order.

Top to bottom: sumi ultra matte lipcreme in Young Fig, Golden Topaz gel liner, mother of pearl pigment, black sand beach pigment, northern lights pigment, glistening sand pigment
Top to bottom: crystal nude lip liner, motto matte lipstick in courageous rose pink, lip spa Aqua gloss in berry smoothie, and then young fig and all from above picture
Top to bottom:glistening sand, 70 degrees and sunny bronzer, 60 degrees and sunny bronzer, petunia blush

This is my fourth order from Bravon and I once again love everything. You can feel how much love and attention goes into each product. I highly recommend.

Jouer Cosmetics Holiday 2015 "It Girl" Collection

The only thing I would change about my Jouer cosmetics products, are the sizes of the items. They are so small! But other than that, fabulous! The packaging is elegant, the quality is superb, and the shades are classic and girly. 
I first saw this collection in a sneak peek on Snapchat. ( Follow czjouer on Snapchat). I knew I had to have it. I've only tried a few items from the brand, but I've grown fond of Amelie and Christina in the time I've spent with them on social media, and the grace and class that Christina radiates makes me want to be just like her. So, here I am venturing into more products. I also purchased the blemish primer and lip balm to try.
The It Girl collection contains four cosmetic items and a small brush and clutch. 
The items are: 
Kitten liner (also included in the Fall Le Matchbox). Basic black liquid liner with felt tip. I missed out on the Fall box so I'm glad to have it.
Kiki lipstick. This is a gorgeous almost metallic pinky gold. Guaranteed to …

Laura Geller Roman Holiday TSV Review

If you missed out on this TSV recently, run to and see if you'd shade is still available. It is gorgeous!

I expected the lipstick to be deeper and cooler, but I'm pleased that it's more of s peachy pink. All the colors are super wearable and neutral. And hallelujah, Laura knows that brow pencils need to be ashy. There's no brass in this pencil.
Everyone wants to know how the glow in this new balance n brighten appears in the skin. There is definitely a noticeable luminescence to it, but it's is moe subtle than the It Cosmetics Illuminating powder. That one made me look like I sparkled like the tin man. I will give a full review once I've tested it out more. 
Overall, I'm loving this set. The price was great. The sizes are all full size except maybe the gloss. And these are all staple pieces for everyday. 

Did you purchase this set? What are your thoughts?

Le Métier de Beaute September 2015 VIP Beauty Vault box

I'm so not impressed with this blue eyeshadow, but here it is for those interested in seeing it. The brush is nice. Please, no more blue!!!

Le Métier De Beaute VIP 2015-2016 August box

Because I love you, I have rushed to post this to let you know what this first box contains. I was beyond excited when I realized that my first box had finally arrived! 
So I opened the box to find this sleek little black box tied with a ribbon.
I then opened that box to find a slim black compact wrapped in plastic.

I immediately ripped off that plastic to discover....

According to the insert, this is a bronzer, two blush, and three shadows. This was the most accurate looking photo I could muster in my bedroom lighting. She's a beauty!

I can't wait to see what the next 11 months withhold! This is a pricy subscription that is all paid upfront. I don't think you can get it anymore until next year. Check the LMbD Facebook page for more info.
What do you think of this subscription service? 

VII Oxygen Eye Masks- Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out what I think is an understated, yet important, skincare item. I have seen similar products on the market from other brands, but this was my first time trying an oxygen eye mask. These little masks are gel and feel kind of rubbery and wet to the touch. The idea is to apply them at night and sleep with them on. During your sleep, the active ingredients within the gel get absorbed into the skin and plump the delicate eye area.
Six pair of masks per box.
The cotton side stays and there is a plastic covering that gets peeled off.


I wore these for several hours while laying in bed watching tv, over my normal skincare. They feel really cooling on the skin and almost tingle. They are much more comfortable with the eyes closed, so I would suggest wearing them while asleep rather than while watching tv. I was very pleased when I removed them and looked in the mirror. My undereye area was noticeably firmer and more plump. In my after…

Bravon- Artistry Activated Cosmetics

Let's go back in time for a moment, to a time when thousands of women worldwide united and celebrated in kinship over their beloved mineral makeup from Bare Minerals. This was a time when friendships were created, sparkles were traded, and love was given to and from the company that cared so much about it's customers. I was a member of so many groups, and the spirit of all the women was phenomenal. I wanted so bad to be one of them and belong. I even traveled all the way to Philadelphia to attend one of the talked about Master Classes. It was amazing and I would do it again over and over. I even went on to work at a counter to share my love for these amazing products.

But then, something changed. This amazing customer service changed. The company took a new direction and left all those who loved it so dearly behind, so that they could market to new customers. It happens. We survived. After all, money runs the world. It was a sad day when we learned that the company was letting…