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Bravon- Artistry Activated Cosmetics

Let's go back in time for a moment, to a time when thousands of women worldwide united and celebrated in kinship over their beloved mineral makeup from Bare Minerals. This was a time when friendships were created, sparkles were traded, and love was given to and from the company that cared so much about it's customers. I was a member of so many groups, and the spirit of all the women was phenomenal. I wanted so bad to be one of them and belong. I even traveled all the way to Philadelphia to attend one of the talked about Master Classes. It was amazing and I would do it again over and over. I even went on to work at a counter to share my love for these amazing products.

But then, something changed. This amazing customer service changed. The company took a new direction and left all those who loved it so dearly behind, so that they could market to new customers. It happens. We survived. After all, money runs the world. It was a sad day when we learned that the company was letting…