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VII Oxygen Eye Masks- Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out what I think is an understated, yet important, skincare item. I have seen similar products on the market from other brands, but this was my first time trying an oxygen eye mask. These little masks are gel and feel kind of rubbery and wet to the touch. The idea is to apply them at night and sleep with them on. During your sleep, the active ingredients within the gel get absorbed into the skin and plump the delicate eye area.
Six pair of masks per box.
The cotton side stays and there is a plastic covering that gets peeled off.


I wore these for several hours while laying in bed watching tv, over my normal skincare. They feel really cooling on the skin and almost tingle. They are much more comfortable with the eyes closed, so I would suggest wearing them while asleep rather than while watching tv. I was very pleased when I removed them and looked in the mirror. My undereye area was noticeably firmer and more plump. In my after…