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Laura Geller Roman Holiday TSV Review

If you missed out on this TSV recently, run to and see if you'd shade is still available. It is gorgeous!

I expected the lipstick to be deeper and cooler, but I'm pleased that it's more of s peachy pink. All the colors are super wearable and neutral. And hallelujah, Laura knows that brow pencils need to be ashy. There's no brass in this pencil.
Everyone wants to know how the glow in this new balance n brighten appears in the skin. There is definitely a noticeable luminescence to it, but it's is moe subtle than the It Cosmetics Illuminating powder. That one made me look like I sparkled like the tin man. I will give a full review once I've tested it out more. 
Overall, I'm loving this set. The price was great. The sizes are all full size except maybe the gloss. And these are all staple pieces for everyday. 

Did you purchase this set? What are your thoughts?