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Bravon Beauty magnetic eyes shadow solo- swatches

Here are some swatches from my most recent order. I will at some point make a post with all swatches in one place. For now, I just want to get these out there for anyone trying to decide which shades to purchase. When I researched, I found very little information out there.
These are Bravon's single pressed shadows. They come in matte or satin finish. You can pop these into any empty palette like a z palette or the ones Bravon offers. They are $11 each and are the standard pan size as Mac and Mug.
Top row: sweet tangerine- satin, brilliant sun- satin, waterfall- satin, glazed raspberry- satin
Bottom row: eclipse- satin, desert heat- satin, champagne diamond- satin, midnight amethyst- satin, rich cocoa- satin.
I applied all of these with the Bravon rounded shadow brush. I am testing the new upcoming foundation, and used it as the base under the shadows. Some of the brighter colors and the dark brown have tiny sparkles in them, but they are very subtle once applied to the skin.
I do have…

Bravon Beauty haul with swatches

I was able to purchase Bravons Hot Picks before it sold out. Here are swatches and some extras with this order.

Top to bottom: sumi ultra matte lipcreme in Young Fig, Golden Topaz gel liner, mother of pearl pigment, black sand beach pigment, northern lights pigment, glistening sand pigment
Top to bottom: crystal nude lip liner, motto matte lipstick in courageous rose pink, lip spa Aqua gloss in berry smoothie, and then young fig and all from above picture
Top to bottom:glistening sand, 70 degrees and sunny bronzer, 60 degrees and sunny bronzer, petunia blush

This is my fourth order from Bravon and I once again love everything. You can feel how much love and attention goes into each product. I highly recommend.