Say Yes to the Prom Experience

I was so honored and privileged to have the opportunity this past week to be a part of Dinair Airbrush Makeup's pro team for a wonderful cause. For the past several years, TLC has hosted a special prom edition of 'Say Yes to the Dress' to benefit deserving teens who otherwise would not be able to attend prom. The kids chosen excelled in school and worked hard to have good grades and attendance.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous when I got there. It was my first ever back stage type of job. I have worked many a large wedding, but never with press running around and camera's constantly looming over us. It was exciting for sure, but I still worried that I would somehow mess up or embarrass myself. The majority of my clientele has been Caucasian and Asian women, so working on darker skin tones, though I know color theory and the how to of matching color, worried me. (This is not because I won't or don't want to work on dark skin. I love and embrace all color and skin tone. I just have not had that much opportunity in my career, other than my time working at a retail counter.) I wasn't as much worried that I couldn't do it. I was more worried that if I showed that if I showed any lack of confidence or doubt of what I was doing, that I would hurt someones feelings or make them feel inferior and I would never want to do that.

Call time was at 8:00. We showed up, selected our stations and set up for the day. Dinair gave us all pink t-shirts to change into so we all matched and would be discernible from the sea of black around us. Alongside us were students from Paul Mitchel schools, and JC Penney artistry team members. Then there was the plethora of assistants. press, TLC employees, guides for the students, and students. At some points during the day I couldn't take two steps in any direction without stepping on someone. We had several hours to just chill and hang out before we started working, so many of us took pictures and posted on social media and made small talk. Monte came into the room to welcome us and take selfies with us all, which he let us know that he was a pro at and to just let him do it. He was such a kind and professional man. I, of course, had to take selfies with Robbie and Dina as well.

Around lunch time we had some girls slowly start coming into the room to get their makeup done. I took advantage of the time to watch some of Dinair's educators work and to learn from them. I love watching other artists work. Everyone has something to offer, whether it be technique, color combinations, placement, etc..

I had the opportunity during this time of waiting to do the makeup for a young woman who worked with the show. It was a very natural look, but it did relieve some nerves I had. She was very nice and it made me a little more confident that I deserved to be there.

We (artists) were all paired with a hairdresser so that we could tag team all the girls and get all 55 of them done in the 2 hour time period we were allotted. It made it difficult for my partner because she was about 2 feet shorter than me and we had a very tall chair. I got my work done as quickly as possible to give her more flexibility to work. We ended up getting to work with two very beautiful and deserving young ladies. They were both so happy to be there and to experience it all. I was just as happy to be a part of it with them.

I ended up doing a great job. I was happy with my work. I always go into jobs full of nerves, but I think the nerves actually make me do better. I would be more worried if I was never nervous because then it would mean I didn't care. I hope to have many more experiences like this in my life. I hope this just opens the door to many more opportunities. And now that I have this real life experience, I will go into the next one more familiar, more confident, and more excited.

I just want to thank Robbie and Dina and all of the Dinair family for giving me this chance. I chose to chase my dreams in my 30s. I am still chasing this dream. If it weren't for opportunities like this, some of us would give up and never think we could make it. Now I know I can do this, I can do anything when I set my mind to it.

I currently work and reside in Louisville, KY. I am a cosmetologist, makeup artist, and I do eyebrow microblading. I hope to add eyelash extensions at some point. If anyone out there needs any of these services, please give me a shout.

I love working with brides, doing prom makeovers, magazine print, and am up for any opportunity.


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