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Best in Beauty 2016, Part 2

Now that you've seen my skincare favorites, let's get into the good stuff. I started off 2016 saying I was not going to buy new makeup. I have literally outgrown my makeup room and need to use what I have. I was successful at not buying things like foundations and glosses, but eyeshadows are my weakness and I need them all. I definitely have my favorites for certain things. Some may have come out before 2016, but nonetheless they are still a favorite for this year.

Face Makeup:


Elizabeth Arden Pravage foundation spf 30- Great throw on and go makeup with spf. It has a nice coverage, nice hydration, and feels like skincare.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation- This is my HG. Combined with miracle cream and wonder glow, this makes my skin look plump and youthful and makes all my melasma less noticeable.

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation- This was my favorite full coverage makeup. I don't often reach for a full coverage, but I do love this formula for coverage. I…